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Windows 8 is off to a slow start. Are you surprised?
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No.  I will continue to use Windows 7 until (hopefully) Microsoft changes course on this tiled layout.  It's great for a tablet or phone, but not a laptop/desktop.
Not at all surprised.  Lots of folks who have never used it who just like to whine about every-other software release from Microsoft.  Because it's the hip thing to do.
I don't think Win8 is fully to blame.  I think many folks are just finding pads and phones do all they need.
Nop. Not happy with it. I want Windows not some single program shit. 
Even for a tablet or phone I think people are put off by it. Personally I find myself put off by the blocky look of the tiles, the colors used on the tiles, and the lack of space between/around them to see any background image that might be used to personalize the look of it. I can customize my Android phone and tablet to look how I want it. If other people are taken aback like I am, they won't even investigate Windows 8 products enough to give the substance of it a chance.
it is for google...*grin
I think it's just a matter of it growing on people. 
I am waiting for android coming to laptop
I'm not so sure people will let it grow on them if there are other options they like immediately.
J Krah
Windows 8 is good.
Decent OS but lets be honest. Current Window version that is installed on many desktop/laptop computers are just fine.  There is truly no reason to upgrade. Also note that MSFT sales figures are never reflective of whats being used. In other words, OEMs buy the license to install on their machines. That doesn't make Windows successful. Nobody wants this thing. Oh well.
I gotta tell ya, I'm finished with Microsoft. I have to use it at work but other than that, I'm done. So there is no WAY I would ever buy a MS product again. Never.
I say it's all those useless apps. I only use the good old fashioned desktop. I love how Windows 8 runs tons better and faster than previous versions though and how it STAYS that way unlike the previous versions too. I can only see those crazy apps as a negative, otherwise everything else is better this time. When my Consumers Preview runs out, I still do plan on buying the official version just because of the speed and how this one keeps it's speed.
haha really? b/c i just bought another one on monday....that's running windows 7
I would be more interested in a month to month comparison than the year to year comparison.  PC sales were already in decline before windows 8 was released.
No chance of corporate client deployment with the Metro-sexual start screen! Can you say Windows ME and Vista?
+Timbob Ditty : Agreed. Most companies will not use it.  My corporate overlords uses XP and Windows 7.   But with my luck I will have to used it to be able to use the "most advanced" Microsoft development tools.
Microsoft needs to change and fast or else we will be force to buy $2500 laptops from crapple. 
FYI there is a free shell you can download to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7. The best part is that it's free. 
+Eric Wichhart : A free wrapper?  Very good.  So things aren't as bad as I was thinking.  Hopefully we can still open multiple programs at the same time and run on multiple monitors.
The tabs aren't bad could be more fluid though. Needs more tuning I think. I severely miss my standard start button. Desktop and file system are still accessible like old its just the way you get to applications that has changed the most. Trying to be more apps based. I think this will work nice on the surface. PC like I said needs more work. But overall its really windows 7 with curtains. Not much different behind the curtains.
Oh yeah and if you have a Windows 8 laptop a mouse is a must. You will be very irritated using the track pad in Windows 8. I sure was very fast.
installed 8pro supposed to get a media center upgrade,one week later still waiting 
I don't want my desktop to look like a coloring book.
win8 having issues with games is a huge problem... its not a failure across the board, but any faltering is going to keep the gaming crowd away. its theyre a huge percentage of the user base but they tend to run the newest software on the newest hardware... and tend to be the vocal minority. 
+Dean Lovett 
Doesn't seem to be so its more so when you are using the new tile applications. IDK it could just be me I'm not a big fan of a trackpad. A wireless mouse is a better experience
Emulators have been a issue for me so far. I have yet to find a GameCube or Dreamcast emulator that works on it. Honestly Android tablets are spoiling me with their smoothness and ease of use. Almost makes me want to give a Chromebook a try. Just wish it had a larger local file system and not so dependent on cloud based activity.
Windows 8 is an unmitigated UX disaster on a traditional desktop (mouse/keyboard/non-touch monitor), so no, this is not a surprise. Overall, there's too little information taking up too much space in the UI, all kinds of hidden menus/functions which are not intuitive at all, no ability to control 'metro' windows, and managing windows between the 'Metro' and desktop environment is a complete debacle. 
Seems like every other windows version is an experiment in disaster. Windows 7 is pretty stable. I have Ultimate and with no native Bluray support I say let Microsoft fall like the Roman Empire. Google Chrome OS is promising and the devices are inexpensive for foreign produced labor.
Well, it's obvious that people don't like a tablet-like interface on their desktop (and possibly laptop too). I see they are trying to pull a Apple and Android move by being able to sync everything on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop), but there are just somethings that should left on changes. One thing that I am glad about is that the tablet interface was just the new start menu. It wasn't the desktop. I was relieved about that. I might just convert over next year.
If Google made their OS fully featured for offline use built on Linux, do it would be compatible with all the great Linux software.. It would take over the PC market.

I hope you are listening google.

Fully featured offline OS, based on Linux, native Google software. Native Gmail.. Google Drive.. Google Docs/Office Suite.. Etc.

I don't have a problem with Windows 8. I wonder how may of those who comment have ever used it?
I loaded it onto an old Dell XPS M1300 laptop. It now boots way faster than Windows 7, and runs MS Office suite faster than Windows 7.
Once I got over the initial shock of the Start page, no great learning curve here, you get the hang of it quickly.
Who honestly used the start menu that much? In Windows 7 I had my most often used programs as shortcuts on the old start page and task bar. Guess what, I have the same in Windows 8!!! Works fine for me...
The new start screen looks like a dog's breakfast on a desktop but it is a lot faster once booted and on the main desktop
The layout looks like it came from a 90's Geocities page. I dunno, I hate the looks of it. I'll be sticking with my MacBook.
I've been using it for about a week now and love it.  Took about 2 hours to get used to it, but I think it's a huge improvement over the start-menu.  Just have learn a few short-cut keys.  win+q, win+c, win+d and you're golden. Other things I like are the new file copy dialog, task manager, one-click install/uninstall of apps, Storage spaces!!!!, and the incredibly fast start up times.  It's an amazing OS, give it a chance.
Tiles may be functional, but they're just plain ugly.
Not surprised at all. The moment MS forced their Metro UI on us, they lost my business. 
correlation does't imply causation.  PC sales are down in general because tablets are where more and more people are doing their computing.  Metro UI is a fantastic UI and as with any new OS (like windows 7 I'll remind you) adoption will take time.
Use Linux. Linux has come a long way. It is fully featured and fully polished.

Want something fresh and different? Try Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Want your tried and true desktop experience? Try Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon
+Justin Thiel Can I play Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, and my favorite Star Craft games on GNU/Linux?
+Matthew Harmon there is where Microsoft wins, in terms of gaming they are the best but anything else Linux is quite better
+Miranda Mandlate I'm running on 3 hours of sleep, so I was being kind of snippy. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed Ubuntu for developing PHP and Java software/web apps, but I am a gamer. When Ubuntu has the full breadth of games that Windows does, I'm going for it.

I have a powerful enough desktop to run Win7 and 4 full Ubuntu VM desktops without feeling any resource pain.
Your typical consumer doesn't even know what a browser is and you expect them to care about upgrading their computer's operating system? 
+Matthew Harmon I use Linux for my PC and Linux for gaming, but I don't use my PC for gaming. My PC device is a laptop built for desktop tasks, which I currently am using Linux Mint 14. My gaming device is a Playstation 3 which also runs Linux.. Even though it is Sony's custom build of Linux.

If you are talking about Windows specific gaming then you aren't talking about gaming in general.. You are talking about Microsoft gaming. Of course you can't do that on Linux.

But.. Now that Steam games are on Linux.. You can pretty much play any games you want on Linux.

End of rant. LoL.
+Justin Thiel I also play PS3, XBOX360, but those games I listed are ones I play the most with my friends that are now across the country.

I should say when Linux becomes the standard OS for gaming.
+Matthew Harmon I'm pretty sure those games are on Steam. I here ya though. It's important to have access to the games you love most. I play Modern Warfare 3 98% of the time a game now.. But I don't get to game all that much anymore being a new father.

For me.. Linux and Playstation fill all my needs. 
And you wonder why Sinofsky was unceremoniously dumped. This is M$ NOT listening to its client base. We have been screaming how BAD an idea this was. Sinofsky said Damm the torpedoes full speed ahead.

Yes there are good things about Win8, faster start, storage spaces ect. All that good can not make up for the disaster that Win 8 is foisting on us. Be it the Metro UX the GD Charm bar (remember someone had to think up that STUPID name). and all. Once people realized that to get the best expected experience you have to fork over close to a gran or more. That old win 7 laptop looks pretty good.

I'm one of those people that lives on that bleeding edge (and have the cuts to prove it). So I have 8 on a 4 year old laptop. Granted it does have discrete graphics. Coming from vista I had more problem then I care to elaborate on. Mostly I had to get win 7 drivers for the ones win 8 misidentified. Now I stay as close as I can to the desktop and limit my exposure to Metro as much as possible. Now i'm well versed in all this. Think about the normal person who just wants to make a spreadsheet. They look at this and say WTF and how much is that macbook again? 
You don't have to use Windows 8 to know it's a joke. Why can't Ballmer make anything right? Because he doesn't care about his products. He's not a product-person or a visionary! He's a salesman. The sooner Microsoft realizes this the better.

Plus the start menu is horrendous and I always use it. You can't do anything fast on it; it's too big, bulky, and complex. Not simple like Windows 7...
Windows 8 has yet to win me over!!!
Back to Win 7 after 90 day trial.  I do not miss a single function or feature of Win 8. 
Actually windows 8 isn't that bad I mean this is 2013 not 2011 so maybe its better to have Windows 8 then 7. #TROLL
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