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Four-wheel-steering and LED headlights? Check. Take a look at the 2014 Acura RLX:
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Turning will feel weird to some people and it will cause wrecks. Just sayin.
It's nice, but not worth the 50 Grand minimum price! Who has that kind of cash for a car? Only for the wealthy that's who! 
HONDA does wonders with the accord platform, being able to make so many different vehicles or of it. Sadly, as beautifully engineered as most Hondas are, their styling, both interior and exterior, leaves a great deal to be desired. How did HONDA ever let this ugly duck leave the studio? 
Mike, I'm 21 and i can afford that car. My family isn't wealthy, and I was taught to work for what I want, your idea that spending 50k on a vehicle is for the "wealthy" is whats bringing this country down. If you were homeless would you beg for money of look for work? You're the only thing that's stopping you from being "wealthy."
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