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The Sonos Playbar is official: This sleek sound bar streams all your music for $700
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This is the most moronic thing I've ever seen. For $700 I can buy a premium TV with SOUND BUILT IN, or I can blow $500-$600 on a Bose System, and it'll take up half the space. Tell me why I need something that looks that big, "streams music" and costs $700. If the first reason you give me is "superior technology wireless music experience", I'll feel like a rich homeowner being taken for a ride by a sleazy TV salesman. Lame product.
+Benny Bridger most expensive TVs do not have good internal speakers. That being said, I bought a Samsung sound bar for $250 which is good enough for me. I think you could definitely get an Onkyo Home Theatre in the Box which gives you more HD options.
Hmmm... My phone streams all my music already and takes up a lot less room. And I have these new inventions called "Earphones"...
I assume that if you conflate earphones with surround speakers you don't have any friends or.. good hearing.
+Steve Broome Or, if I am considerate enough of neighbors of my apartment that I don't feel the need to allow the entire building to join into my musical choices... But, of course, that concept is lost on those who are rude. 
+Benny Bridger you mention Bose and you call something else overpriced?!? Bose is an effin' joke. 'better sound through research' - noooooooooo, i thought engineers developed stuff based on guesses, mind blown!
+Mariusz Dz. At a $700 clip, Bose systems are cheap compared to this monster. I've had a few different BOSE products and I've always been happy with the quality for the price. 

+Christopher Flood I didn't mean you specifically, but I have a hard time trying to accept this pricetag for the function at hand. 
+Steve Broome Actually, I know enough that I don't feel the need for humongous speakers that cost hundreds of dollars just so that everyone around me (Whether they want to or not) can be forced to listen to the same music...
The fact that you think there's only one extreme type of speaker system versus earphones (two things which don't belong in the same conversation) confirms what I said.
For $700 ill hire my favorite artists to sing to me or ill just use a cd, damn all dat 
"Then enlighten me - why do you feel the need to buy a large $700 speaker system?"

You're using terms like "large", a good pair of surrounds alone will cost you $700 and you're not just paying for loudness (I use LSI9s but there are lots of good ones out there). This seems to be one of those weird internet trends, where people don't know anything about a topic and still insist on talking.
+Steve Broome I am using terms like "Large" because the picture above shows a rather large speaker. Perhaps you haven't looked at the picture at the top of the thread?
One would assume that if you are interested in telling others that they don't know what they are talking about that you would at least glance at the original post in the thread so that you at least have a good idea what you are talking about...

It seems to be one of those weird trends, where people don't know what the thread they are acting like pedantic morons on are about...
 There's also this trend that I've seen, where "experts" or those with "honest insight" are swayed into defending nonsensical products (tech. superior or not) because the common man doesn't buy in to the blitz. It becomes their goal to elevate their "thought leader" status by siding with a product that has little realistic application (but may contain new technology etc)

Since you're the expert, you're here to tell us why this $700 unit is worth the money, and frankly, you seem to be defending your knowledge of such systems ("I know more than you, so why do you matter". The fact remains that the thing is insane ($700 and enormous), and adds little benefit to the common guy. If you can tell me why me, my neighbor, and my cousin need the thing, be my guest (+Steve Broome )

Sometimes, smart people who know products/technologies are so close to the stuff that they can't see the big picture. Check the formation of  "XBOX" as the name for Microsoft's Console. Test consumers spat out "XBOX" faster than any "expert in the consumer-know" could fathom, and there you have it. 
". If you can tell me why me, my neighbor, and my cousin need the thing, be my guest "

It's ideal for people who don't have the room or budget for a full surround system. A low-priced soundbar is easy to install, takes up less room than a full system, and costs far less than the individual components would for a 5.1-7.1 system. It's very straightforward.
"I am using terms like "Large" because the picture above shows a rather large speaker. Perhaps you haven't looked at the picture at the top of the thread?"

It's not large compared to a full sound system, which this imitates/replaces. It's also not large compared to just a pair of floorstanding fronts.  It's small.  You seem stupid. From the article: "Playbar has nine total drivers and uses reflection-based virtual surround to create the illusion of a true surround-sound system, similar to Yamaha's YSP line of sound bars."
That must be the most ugly soundbar i have ever seen and for 700$? Not a chance. 
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