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Does Facebook's Graph Search change the search game?
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Microsoft is doing a happy dance Facebook Hands Your Query Off To Bing
I'm not optimistic about that 
It changes the dating game, not search. Especially when they tie Bing to it, this will be nowhere near Google.
I'm never going to click on Like again. 
Change the game? Hardly. I doubt it'll be a bump in Google's information superhighway. Well, maybe more like a darting squirrel trying to cross a four-lane. 
hahaha. A search to rival Google.. Arms too short.
im not sure this is a game changer
the mythical Facebook phone will remain just that
+Ryan Light its not just this article. It seems that most articles that cover this have a over hyped headline
Here we go again. It's like a game of ping pong and the site owners are the ball? Nothing like being stuck in the middle of the furious internet game players who insist on being the winners at the expense of the people who are just trying to provide a good service to the public.
I don't think many or anyone will care anything about it. They're over playing the whole friends relationship thing. 
What this really is is just a bug fix to correct the fact that their search function doesn't work. 
I don't use facebook, so it doesn't matter whats new to me ;) 
Dont use Facebook. Don't care.
And are they adding a thumbs down button cos I need it now 
lol....... facebook social graph is like going to high school and asking " where are the jocks, cheerleaders and other popular students? "

waste of time this facebook
Coool !! I see Mark used his mind again. can anyone please tell him TO NOT USE it again --__-- 
Facebook Takes On Google tested better than Facebook Finally Figures Out To Search Its Own Data
+Bruce Jr Kraft I like your thinking, Facebook might add it in a few years after a press conference they had for no reason 
Finally something that makes me think that Facebook does have some ideas other than how can we erode privacy and make money from social data.

The ironic thing is that Graph Search will add both value to users and at the same time create opportunities for revenue. Keep up this kind of thinking Facebook, champion your users with features like this, have a better handle on privacy and you may yet thrive instead of just surviving.
Im not that impressed by search on facebook to be honest.
over hyped under producing social app for kids creates a meaningless search engine for no one to use.
Maybe in a couple of years it will be as big as Bing...
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