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Samsung: no interest in Mozilla's Firefox OS:
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Of course not. They have visions of Tizen dancing in their heads.
They would be better off going with Chrome OS! :)
exactly why would they waste time on a sucky attempt at ripping off android.
Firefox has had some difficulty with the web based browsing compared to GoogleChrome but.... With OS it really doesn't matter who you pick so as long as it isn't piggy backed from a last years program 
So far from what I saw about this os...was not really impressive at all. Ok i'ts early but still no clear defence between diuretic firefox or belle
+Alejandro Sosa I hope so. I have nothing against new emerging platforms. I happen to see what ubuntu,tizen brings to the future. Firefox will only really take off if they make a high end flagship model like the Lumia 900,920 and from there on mid-tier and low-tier phones. Sony must provide also the build for them to succeed
Brightly wise Samsung, nice!
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