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Are you going to buy the new iPad?
Now that you have all the details on the new iPad, it's decision time. Will you buy Apple's newest tablet or go with something else? Take our poll. Read this blog post by Bonnie Cha on Apple.
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No, I prefer the 7" form factor and a lot of widgets.

And cheap, so I don't feel guilty :D
Noooo!! It took me ages to save up for the one I've got!!
Nope, I'm an Android fan. I have an iPod Touch, and I use iTunes to manage my music (although as soon as Google -Music-Play comes out with an actual music manager, and the iPod dies, that will probably go away too), but I feel no need for a second tablet.
I think so...the best display ever on a mobile device....
was hoping for haptics but this is a nice upgrade....might wait for the iPad Mini though....
i would never buy it but have to say the pixel density is crazy good.
Mmm-no. That's like 10 tanks of gas for me.
Why would I buy an iPad when I have a kick-ass Transformer Prime!
Nope, waiting for an Asus Transformer Infinity (Quad Core CPU, 12-core GPU) or Asus Padphone.
Not for me. Will admit that the new spec and resolution bump is great, but iOS to me has gotten pretty stale. I last owned an iPhone 3G but made the switch to Android. The UI is good but boring IMO. I do own a HP Touchpad running CM9 and that should keep me satisfied for a good while. I wouldn't recommend any tablet purchase to anyone until (Android or iOS) there's a killer feature that requires a tablet interface. Until then my MBP/Touchpad are more than adequate for my reading/media consumption.
Still waiting for the right mix of features and price performance that really excites me, for tablets in general. So, no, probably not.
I find it exceedingly rare that gusts of wind blow my papers all over the place, so I see no need for something that I would only use to prevent such an occurrence.
Not a chance... like +Terry Mathews said that's crazy gas I'm buying a new car and the cost an ipad is literally 2 i can buy a for cheaper than an ipad
Nope. My Transformer Prime will outlast the iPad 4 (or will it be called the "New New iPad"?)
Rudy M
Considering the new price of the older ipad2, I can't wait to see the flurry of Craigslist offers. I'm already seeing people flocking to sell the ipad2 16gb for the "bargain" price of $475 (new is $399). Those looking to sell their old ipads better hurry. You still have a day or two to trick people into thinking they are getting a steal for your used ipad 2.
Google's news of just changing a product name was more exciting.
NO! I love my $199 Motorola Xoom.... it's 4G LTE, it has 64gb on board with a micro SD slot that I have added another 64gb card to and it works with everything PC without jumping through any hoops
It will be unreal how many of these that sell. It really is unreal how blind the Apple crowd is to what they are doing. I'm sure they have a quad-core with no bezel ready for the end of the year but they know that people will pony IP the dough to buy this non improved piece of garbage. They did it with the 4S and look. Greed is shameless and fan boys are crazy.
Gary G.
<--- Will NEVER buy an Apple Product! A revolution in what people will pay $500+ for. Apple Sheep would buy a steaming pile of shit if it had that logo on it - then try to convince the world and themselves it doesn't stink.
My mother will buy one, one day, I don't need an Ipad.
Still loving my iPad 2 (the OLD iPad)
Order 3 today, all for Re-sale in Europe :P dont need one, just want to make some money on it, nothing else. Not a huge profit, but all electronics in USA cost less, so its nice to get some extra money .. And apple have crazy sweet warranty that works all over, thats why is a hot item !
I'm not going to. I personally like Android tablets better.
Nope. I'm planning on the Transformer Prime w/ dock.
Nah, this will be taken over by an android tablet within three months, and all android tablets that come out after that will continue to rape the iPad for another year. No thank you, my transformer prime is enough
Nope. Quite happy with my Motorola Xoom.
Without advancements like these, we would still be living with computers and other electronic devices that have crappy specs like 10MHz single-core processors, 2MB of HDD space, no SSD's, 128KB of RAM, and tiny fat CRT monitors. So for all of you who want iPads that feature holographic facetime (video chat), high-speed quantum teleportation, and 4D cameras for less the price of a modest stick of memory, think about this once again.
hell no, LTE adds little to todays applications 3G is enough and the coverage is actually decent compared to LTE - it is only a shiny new object that adds little value to the consumer over ipad2
To buy? At that price and features, are you kidding?
Depends if apple have made significant changes instead of adding more cheep gimmicks that they talk up as world changing. Then again they always do so No!
I'm a super gadget geek but no Ipad - guess I like the power and flexibility of full functional PCs - I have a kindle fire which satisfies my quick email checks and news reading and occasional Youtube vid - so the Ipad just never attracted my interest enough for me to cough up the cash - and the new version didn't do anything to change my mind.
Super tempted... a number of us at have other iPads but I've yet to get one. Still waiting to hear what new user feedback is, but super tempted ;-)
I'm waiting on it. But apple is good at what they do. Just updated to 5.1. All my media is available on all my devices from the cloud. Pretty nice. 
Hell yeah! I can't wait till I get some money so I can buy that thing!!!!!! It's gonna be amazing!
I'm hoping to hold on for a Windows tablet
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