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Google is holding a special Google Maps event next week. Any predictions?
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Launching Google Events here on G+ would be a good start.

We'll also demo some of the newest technology and provide a sneak peek at upcoming features that will help people get where they want to go -- both physically and virtually.

Yeah, that nailed it.  Google Events for sure.
No specific guesses. However they probably have something great to upsell apple.
On a side note, google maps called my girlfriend's job today to confirm their location. Didn't know they took that extra step. 
Hopefully Google puts Apple in it's place and releases something spectacular!
Obviously some development of the 3D components that fits into Google Glass
Hopefully it's time based (clue's in the name...) Also, and it might just be me, but isn't it odd to attempt to generate buzz around an event for a free product?
They are getting worried about Apple removing GMaps from iOS? Whatever, it may just be the ability to plot all physical information on a map, then move backwards in time to see historical data / pictures
why have so many of you got such a stick up your asses about what apple does without their maps?
Why do you care?
It's just disappointing seeing Tim Cook moving toward Facebook in his rhetoric just as they are moving away from Google. This is not a good sign IMO...
+Rich Fletcher for me, I actually like using both apple and google devices. so as long as google maps is still in the apps store, I'll be happy.
+Jim Wilbourne I would bet they completely remove Google Maps once they publish their own version.....
What business doesn't rely on maximising numbers?
Which of the two were you referring to?
+Benjamin Allen  I understand your thought, but knowing the way Apple has acted in the past - I guess only time will tell... I am pretty sure they have already released articles which have stated they (apple) was going to slowly remove Google Maps from their hardware/software - they have already started with iPhoto.....I personally don't care, since I don't have an iPhone....
+Phil Cooper Sorry, I thought you were saying Google would remove Google Maps as an app themselves... And I couldn't see any reason for them to do that.
+Rich Fletcher Any business that markets exclusivity? I was referring to Google, who wouldn't be in business if they only had 1% of the search market, for example.
Better improvements to mobile ( on iOS ) and show Apple that they just dropped the biggest map company in the world. 
World navigation, dammit
+Chris Smith
But Maybe the biggest TECH company in the world (by along way) are capable of creating a decent map app/service/system?

No matter how good it is, as an iPhone user I certainly won't be disrespecting the map service that has served me perfectly since 2007 on the iPhone. 
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