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Should Amazon open bricks-and-mortar shops, or stick to online trading?
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said In my best Allen Iverson voice (from the fames "practice" news conference).

This may make sense for places they are already paying taxes, areas with high sales potential and areas they can test out the faster shipping methods.

An Amazon store would look like a Meijer or Super Walmart due to the range of products they would have to stock. 
+Atiba Edwards  It would be another "big box" store, and while it may make financial/tax sense, I don't know that it would add that much to their bottom line.  Do we really need yet another "big box" chain?
How do they decide what to carry when the inventory is so vast? Noble idea..... maybe
The only way this makes sense is if they use the physical stores to enhance the on-line offering. One day or less shipping to local store could be an attractive option for on-line purchases and drive traffic into physical stores. 
They never said they're going to do it. The opposite in fact...Jezz Bezos seems to be saying they don't have a model locked down yet.
please stick to online only. that other crap is only overhead they do not need. why would they want to be Best Buy? can they not see what is happening out there?
If launched in states which already collect sales tax on Amazon purchases, this may allow for a model where you can order online and pick up in-store - possibly even the same day. More importantly, it could offer the ability for Amazon to showcase high-value products that consumers like to try before buying (including Kindles) to remove the stigma that other brick-and-mortar stores are simply Amazon showrooms.
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