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Dell is selling a nicely configured version of its XPS 13 ultrabook with Ubuntu Linux:
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Sweet! I'm still buying a mac.
Want. I can't decide if I want work to get me a Surface, Air or one of these.
I imagine work would prefer Air, but I'm partial to Linux and all my servers will be Linux soon.
I was going to see how much a comparable System76 would cost, but you can't make one that weak. You can beat it in every category for $500 less though.
Wish it was available for the +Dell XPS 14... for that price it should be.
Want NOT! 13" and 1366x768? 1500 Bucks for a typical 11" Netbook Resolution? I mean, whats this, are we in 1998 again? Oh, sorry no, back in those days we had 1600x1200, i forgot...
Make it at least Full HD and i might be tempted... I've been searching for a decent laptop with a small formfactor and high DPI for years now, but apart from the zenbooks (only 4G RAM) there is virtually no choice... just look at the smartphones...
+Lutz Griesbach That's exactly why I wish they offered this on the +Dell XPS 14 because it has a 14" Full HD with the footprint of a 13" laptop.
+Lutz Griesbach the latest Sony Vaio has a 1080p display in a 13" firm factor, and a true quad core i7 to boot - but I wouldn't exactly call it a great Linux box. And yeah, it's still an overpriced Sony. 
Resolution too low. If it had bigger resolution I would change my Macbook Air with it, but for this I don't think so.
Hope they improve their Sound drivers. last time I installed Ubuntu it kills my laptop speakers. =(
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