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OK, I changed it to 5678. Oh drat, I probably shouldn't have said that.
I use LastPass to store and generate passwords.
peter k
ok... how stupid is it to type your passwords into a strange website?!?!?!
who at cnet thought it was a good idea to tell people to expose their passwords to a strange website?
+Kurt Johnson thats what +peter k is saying, no need to tell everyone not to enter their password into weird websites, ITS OBVIOUS!!!
Use an app called wallet on OSX
the website is not going to know what the password you entered is for. it could be for one of a million sites.
i've been using last pass for a while now and i really love it. i only wish it did a better job with password organization and editing after you've changed passwords to a particular site. every six months or so i have to go through my long list of multiple passwords and erase old stuff to keep it from becoming filled with junk. it would be nice if it gave you a pop up to erase old info or something like that when it sees you've made a change.
peter k
+Kurt Johnson she write: While you experiment with different passwords, use a tool like How Secure is my Password? to find out if it can withstand any cracking attempts. This particular Web site rates your password's strength based on how long it would take to crack. If it's too easy, the meter will let you know what elements you can add (or remove) to strengthen it. in that section she doesn't tell people to not put their actual passwords in. in fact it reads exactly like she's telling people to test their potential passwords and then use the one that passes muster.

+rosie hecker von danzig depends on:
0) putting your trust in a website you don't know about
1) your cookies don't have identifying information in them. demonstrably false with fb integration and g+ integration.
2) the website you typed your password into does not check your cookies
3) that you didn't use the same password on other sites
If you change a password, LastPass will detect it and ask if you want to update your existing password. If it doesn't, there is an option when you save a password to replace an existing site with the new information.
Roboform is great. Been using it for years and can't imagine anything else.
Weird I don't get prompted.thanks I'll look into it
Use a phrase as a pass work it is extremely hard to crack.
Uses Keepas, just have to remember 1 password to open my password db...
Just use +LastPass and let them help you create strong passwords. You can then see a score of all the sites you use and detect weak and duplicate passwords. Couldn't be easier!
I added my phone number as a padlock in every single network so only who has my cellphone can access my account after the password.
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