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odd that the headline isnt "Google polled as Coolest Tech Company"
Yes they are cooler than they use to be. They are no longer What's Hot. 
Thank you so much, CNET. Though unsurprisingly I still haven't been able to figure out how, I'm sure this information is shockingly useful in some way. I mean for God's sake how on earth could you post it unless it was ABSOLUTELY VITAL
Android's still the coolest. Though i have to agree. Some of Microsoft's products are starting to improve.
Yes, but the bar was put so low after so many years, it wasn't that hard to be "more cool" than before.
Yes it actually is. Between the xbox, kinect, win 8 and surface they have actually started being innovative. Actually in recent years they have become more innovative and willing to experiment than apple.
Of course it is - it's no longer the Big Bully!
My guess would be that the group in question, is a group of boys and men still playing games from time to time on their computers and most likely also android fans. What that would mean is, that they don't like Iphone/Apple or even hate it... again most likely 
What that would mean is, that they not necesarily think of Microsoft being cooler, but of apple being being far less worthy of their aproval, which would make Microsoft/Windows cooler, because it's they only choice left they have.
(Linux being left out here, because it's coolest of them all, but just not practicle for their needs in terms of gaming, although that could change with steam.)  
so interesting here would be the percentage, of people who voted that both companies are cool
does directly enhances its users' productivity....i doubt
They have to be cooler b/c you know.. dubstep.
Really? I trully hate the new face of windows... so, it's difficult for me to say the company is cooler, but, well, I'm not in the group.
Their marketing team would sure like you to think so haha.
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