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What's the best tablet of them all?
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Gimme my HP Touch Pad lol
Probably ipad, but I don't have one, my mom will buy one for herself because she thinks it would be easier and lighter when she needs to travel, a laptop is too heavy for travel....
I don't know... I'd put Samsung in the top spot.
I think the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best alternative right now. I still haven't made up my mind yet. I think I will wait a little bite longer.
No doubt Transformer Prime. Cnet just bias and loves Apple a whole lot.
John B
Samsung and Asus tablets!
Acer Iconia a500! I don't give a fuck about it being heavier. Dolby Audio makes it even more awesome.
transformer prime 2 blows the door of the ipad I know a lot about this trust me I know what I'm talking about
Galaxy Note 10.1. Only one with an S Pen. Makes the decision pretty simple.
There is a reason why almost all new phones and tablets are compared to apple products. Simply put they are the best!!!!
WOW, I'm impressed. that was an excellent review !! Can't wait to get the prime though :)
+ERIC REED They are compared to apple products simply because Apple has the strongest brand awareness and consumers need to know that there are products out there that have the same (or better) capabilities, and are less expensive besides.
I love using my iPad without a dongle attached to it. Like I said, it simply is the best!!!
+ERIC REED no they're not if you look at these comments. Stop trying to start a flame war.
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