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Remember the Motorola StarTac? It's one of CNET editor Brian Bennett's favorite phones of all time:
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This was the first cell phone I owned. Flash Back Moment! Lol
I remember the StarTac. I couldn't afford one, so I got the MicroTac instead. I still remember the stares I got on the train, when I was making a phone call. Quite likely I was the only one with a mobile there.
Haha. I still have this phone. Its somewhere in my house. Lol
Those phones battery lifes lasted forever!!!
I had a Time port and Startac buy my favorite of all time was my Nokia 232.
The StarTac was my first phone too! I had the one that you could swap the battery cover shells to change the phone's color.
Samsung Flight will always be my favorite phone of all time. 
Good phone, it was a trending gadget 
Had it, loved it (probably still in a drawer somewhere) Great phone. Battery would last for days. 
It was one of my favorite phones of all time. 
"OMG CNET is a total StarTac shill website".
I had one of those.  And the analog predecessor.
I have one, but wonder if it's still working.
I ve got one its my dads....
Used to play with when I was younger...;)
I liked that phone ,,,,,,and after my favorite was the motorola v60....
D Hayes
I still have mine, classic! Just pulled it out yesterday for looks
This was my first cell phone when I was 16. No other phone comes close when it comes to the great cell reception this one had!!
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