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How CNET tests Web browsers:
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Louis B
cnet = trollnet 
I can never settle on a definitive browser. I'm always swapping between Chrome and Firefox. Don't know which one is my favourite.
I wonder if they hold Web browsers to the same standards as DVRs
Interesting. I code on Chrome and test on all the others, then make corrections in the last step for Explorer because it's... Explorer.
I switched to chrome several years ago and never looked back. Chrome all the way!
Chrome just makes sharing bookmarks, so much easier now that they have a mobile version as well. Plus of course it is Google.
+Bruno Pacheco same here. I use them both for different things. Firefox is for school and checking grades, while I use Google chrome for general surfing and watching videos because its synced up with my google account.
I just use chrome! I have an android phone and so google stuff is just right for me. Except chrome for android.
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