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Firefox and Tizen have Android in their sights. Should Google be worried?
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So does Jolla (Sailfish) and Ubuntu, but they have Apple in their sights as well.
+Joshua Talley I actually believe Ubuntu is surprisingly decent... at least what I have seen so far... much better than Firefox OS...

Of course... iOS and Android  will continue to develop... and by the time these OS´s actually are available Android and iOS might be long gone with some new innovative upgrades. Non the less... Ubuntu might actually be a game changer,

Firefox OS will be using only HTML5... which is a great platform for development... also very intuitive... but it is still too much in development for it to be promising on a phone yet.

Tizen, might be able to snatch some Samsung galaxy users... but I don´t believe it will do much more.

Windows phone... should get as far away as possible... 
They'll need the hardware to be high end if they want Apple's profit margin..
Honestly there is no other Android phone on the market that is more feature-packed than the Galaxy Note 2. With the S-Pen and all the added functionality it brings, this could help them create at least a dent in the mobile atmosphere. Basically what I'm saying is Samsung truly innovates their products and brings new useful software enhancements to their user interface. Tizen is sounding like a solid player. 
I don't think Google has much to worry about. Samsung's sales are going to go down if they make the complete shift to Tizen and they absolutely don't want that. 
Google don't care about anything as long as you keep looking at those adverts!
And if a Tizen phone from Samsung looks exactly like an Android phone from Samsung (let's remember who owns TouchWhiz), what will stop people from buying it? 
Google, worried about other open source mobile operating systems? Nonsense. Android's goal was to counter Apple's walled garden model. Neither Tizen, Ubunto ror Firefox have a walled garden approach, so neither represent a threat to Google's revenue model. As long as the OSes allow for a open model of web browsing and app distribution, Google has nothing to worry about. 
I only think sailfish os and ubuntu look serious. Firefox just looks dated and tizen is just ordinary too. But who knows after a reign ther is a fall.
Im sure google has nothing to worry about. With a team like samsung and google the next big thing is always a step forward. 
Google has nothing to worry about because Ubuntu is an open platform. Even if Ubuntu captures 90% of the mobile market, Google will be fine, as Ubuntu poses no restriction on accessing Google's services. 
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