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+Sharon Vaknin is hoping to snag Google Glass to create CNET content in new ways:
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Lol @ all these "I'd take photographs and shoot videos" posts!
No, she won't. She'll use it to further propagate iCnet's bullshit apple propaganda.
"No, she won't. She'll use it to further propagate iCnet's apple bullshit propaganda."

On a google device? Lol
I notice your entire page is Android/anti-apple posts, then you come here with a rant that has nothing to do with the post and doesn't actually make any kind of sense. And your avatar is the Android logo. But yes, you hate propaganda because you're.. objective.

Yes, I repost Android stories because I find them interesting and you wouldn't exactly find them on cnet thanks to their apple obsession. Combing through their site highlights this. Just look at their news section. An entire section dedicated to apple right at the very top but where is Android news to be found? Nowhere. God forbid someone calls out a supposed news site for what it actually is. Then again, you sound like a typical dope who loves propaganda
+Tochi Notgunnatellya combing through Cnet i see articles for Android Apple Microsoft and small tech. And Apple has its own link and so does microsoft. I dont know the sorting but im guessing its by the company, and +Android is not a company.

although im surprised Google isnt on that list
CNET reports tech news. Certain aspects of it get categorized big deal. I for one use and love android and dislike apple and iOS. I will freely admit they make quality products but they are ruined by their closed policies and overpricing. CNET has plenty of android and apple news as well as other tech news. They have the most polished look and professional looking web sites and apps. I don't have to hunt for information they cover the vast majority of what I want to know and I only need to go one place to find it. Also on another topic as an android fan and IT professional it is important to know about all tech not just the tech you personally like and use.
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