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These are the best headphones we've seen so far at CES. Take a look:
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what about electrostatics ? nothin new, like stax and the REAL high-end earphones ?
Wow, I am not one to keep up with headphones due to the fact that I have not worn a pair in years.  I am actually surprised that this pair is actually considered the best that have been seen at CES.  They really don't look like much, and the memory foam padding is something that I think should be almost standard at anything over $200.00.  Somebody please tell me that the sound from this pair is absolutely mind-blowing.  The little hinge on the cord doesn't seem that revolutionary.  Someone please tell me why I am missing the big picture here.  
Nice headphones but no mention of noise cancelling.
Ahh Sennheiser rip that stupid red cord off of that set of cans. Just because Beats headphones are popular right now does now mean you should start stylizing the look of newer models after them.
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