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New rumor: The Galaxy S4's screen will be unbreakable:
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Idk. Im still currently holding a droid razr maxx. 
Yes I owned it before going back to my iPhone +Jace Daniels and it by far has the most insanely long battery life ever!
I could honestly go 2 days with heavy heavy use without even plugging it in.  ;-)  That is why I will never buy a Samshit phone until they start putting better quality longer life batteries in their phones.
Just bought a gs3 for a really great price off contract and am anxious to start using and trying it out. It's still pretty much a brand new phone in my opinion. It just came it in April. Only 6 months ago barely. I don't see how people can get a new phone every year or less. The technology on this s3 is still top quality. Now I can finally use android and iOS together when I need to. I'm happy with getting a phone a few months after its been released so as to know what it can do and allow the bugs to have been hopefully worked out of them. And if I need to I can probably sell this s3 for more than I bought it for I'm sure. 
+Jace Daniels
Yes i have gone 4 days with a single charge. But i feel it only does dat on occasion. Like 4 out of 5 times
Unless the phone is made of adamantium. Nothing is unbreakable.
They need to create a pure android with the droid maxx.
And yes and it will have a larger display, larger battery, larger and faster chip, in a larger phone. That's going to be revolutionary. 
Build it and they will buy it.....
S3 is good but the only flaw which I consider is of a big screen, it's too difficult to carry it..
+Russell Spector seriously? An unconfirmed rumor about an unreleased phone and you're ready to discount all other phones? Perhaps you enjoy poor cell reception? Remember the Nexus S?
:P @Samsung.. now what you will copy? HTC feature or Still iPhone
A better battery life is enough. .
It won't survive a. 50 cal round that's for sure 
That would be cool to see if they could make that happen.
I beleive one x is better than s3. 
Well, the Gs3's certainly wasn't. >:(
Marketing can make anything "unbreakable"
Jon P
I always thought that Gorilla Glass was supposed to be strong,but my friends S3 was a accidentally dropped from waist height and cracked the digitiser screen :(
Yeah! That's what they said of the TITANIC, the shipping is unsinkable and what happened? I doubt it will be unbreakable... Way much more resistant "yes" but unbreakable I don't think so. 
That would be cool.  The G3 feels like a toy (lightweight, not rigid) but if the G4 is 'unbreakable' or, at a minimum, more resistant to breakage, then that's a nice feature.
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