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Sources say the Xbox 720 will require an Internet connection. Would that be a deal breaker?
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My always has a connection anyways 
So if your internet goes out, your out of luck and why would they do that to people who just can't afford internet! FAIL
I thought this claim was made, and debunked, some time ago? In any event, I probably won't buy one either way, unless it is simply an amazing device. If it required constantly-on internet, I'd be more likely to stay away.
No, I almost never use mine in a disconnected fashion
They need a wakeup call, and need one fast. BAD idea. Have they reilized only about HALF of the xbox 360s owned are always connected to the net. Sales killer. I kno it is for me.
They're try to stop people form playing hacked games, I think sony will do the same as MS.
Haha these people really don't want me to get back into gaming. SMH.
I think I'll wait to decide once the sources are Microsoft employees.
Such a bad idea, especially if they still intend to charge for live. Not to mention it alienates rural parts of the US. Who only have dial up if they have internet at all.
+Mingwei Zhang Obviously your not in the military. I have internet about 70 days out of the year.

Yes, 100% deal breaker.
Yes. I will get the steam box and Wii U instead. If this is true, then MS will have officially jumped the shark.
For lots of people yes, this has been said for a while lots of people game on a budget and may have been saving up for the "NEW" machine but no second hand games is a big fail for one and always on is another not everyone is on line #sortyournapperout  Microsoft.
Ugh deal breaker? Really? Como on!!!! 
No, it's 2013, nowadays, they have a stable Internet connection even in swamps in monsoon tropical forests :-)
For me yes. unless of coarse xbox live becomes free. 
I think it might be useful because i'm getting a bit suspicious at my maid. Now she forced to connect the xbox to play and i can also spy on her via the kinect cam through a computer, cuz she takes a hella lot time to clean my room. I think 50% of the time she listens to my music & dances around, 49% she being lazy and misses the achievements, 1% just standing there.
Why? Not gunna get very many Customers will you Microsoft?
You'd be surprised how many people cannot afford Internet service and/or the Xbox Live membership.

There are many reasons this would be bad.
I have more, +1 me if you want to see em, Yes there are more.
Lots of people don't have the internet but can maybe buy their family an xbox to play with the whole year. If you don't have any awareness of people in different living situations than your own that's on you.
for me no bcz i only play online games, for my brother yes, he only plays local games. 
since about 30 percent of gamers do not have an internet connection, I would say that it is a deal break for them.
Not a fan of not being able to purchase titles second-hand.  That's been a staple of gaming since the Atari.  
I guess I would have to understand what they mean by requirement. If you can afford a 720, it seems like you might be able to afford internet. But if it was solely for the purposes of software updates, it might not be critical.

So much of what I do on the 360 is internet based I can't imagine not having a connection.
the internet connection doesn't bug me as much as no used games... why would you even think about that. Microsoft becoming like Apple much?
for me hell yeahhhhh!! 
So, why doesn't Microsoft offer free internet to the people that buy the 720, and make a massive loss.
Don't see any problem with this.  It was super popular with all the Diablo kids.....
If true, Microsoft is going to kill the xbox 720 right away
Who takes their Xbox on vacation? Tell those kids to do something else
Guess my 360 will be my last XBox iteration.
Yes this would be a deal breaker...  Maybe I am in the minority but its a big reason why (LAN) I purchased the XBOX in the first place.
Another win for ps4 yet who knows since ps4 is set to announce before xbox 
Switching back to team: Sony PlayStation
Sony is doing the no 2nd hand games as well. I don't want anything REQUIRED when it comes to devices I OWN. Greed again will destroy gaming. Not everyone can afford 100.00 games.. 
Rudy M
Can't play used games? Yes, dealbreaker.  But if everybody does this then we're fuc'd.  
+Adrian Garvin Yup, I think you are spot on.  Don't expect anything to be different from Sony.  What I do expect though is that if they do come up with some kind of DRM nonsense, I better see a serious reduction in game prices.  Supposedly a bit part of the sticker price is to cover losses due to piracy and used sales.  That should no longer be the case.
We have seen PC games with required internet connection. It is/was a huge mess and they piss off people who actually buy the game. Bad tactics.
If this is said by MS for Xbox 720 what will Sony do about the PS4 when they unveil it later this month
+Adrian Garvin no 2nd hand games?? this I haven't heard yet.

+Rudy Maldonado no gamers are not fucked. Everyone has to switch to Ouya or similar open console platform and pay reasonable prices for games like <10$.

Pricing is ridiculous on normal consoles.
Blocking secondhand titles is a deal killer for me. 
Its time we consumers stand up to this nonsense about constant internet connections. They tried it with software games and now game consoles. Why should we allow them to dictate how we play and when we play?

This also kills play anywhere and anytime! You always have to be on the look out for an internet connection and then hope it does not have crappy bandwidth.

Sorry. Just unhappy about this new approach by producers and manufacturers. :(
I have a PS3 but before i bought it i bought a Xbox, that when i turn it on for the first time it said it will be required a internet conection so you can use your Xbox, so i had a Xbox for about 2 hours, returned it to store and bought my PS3, and yes i had internet in my house at that time :)  
So what about countries in Africa who dont all have internet connections? and the ppl that do, have very small bandwidth caps, which means it would be absolutely pointless owning one in Africa, and u giving up 90% of your african market to Playstation. Well done guys!
Total deal breaker but hey if they come out with a konnect for ps4 I'll drop a hundo no question
+John Langdon I'm right there with you. For years the prices have skyrocket for second hand buying and pirating reasons.... supposedly. We'll see if some sort of DRM nonsense knocks the prices into an acceptable range, but I somehow doubt it. The new excuse is going to be something like, higher quality gaming demands enormous production costs bla bla bla. Greed will drive the price higher yet again I'll bet, no matter what they do about second hand gaming and pirating.
If a game could cost about 5 or 10 dollars, I would agree not to resell the game... In todays world cool games cost 40 or 50 - which is not cheap
internet it's part of our everyday life gaming too
I wouldn't buy one. For some, the issue isn't that they can't afford Internet, it's that reliable service simply isn't available. 
If this is true, then I am either going to hold onto my Xbox 360 for as long as I can, or go over to the Valve Steam Box.
So my friend can't bring over a new game and play thats rediculous all hail ps4
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