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Facebook has added free calling to its iOS app:
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Nothing is really "free" when it comes to Facebook.
So they can listen in on all of your phone calls.
What kind of person would use their phone and call over their data connection through facebook?
You would think it would be too mainstream at some point 
Well they have to cope up with Google, but to no avail. Google is going to destroy them just like what is Samsung going to do to Apple.
Will this feature come to android?
There's already Google Voice and Google Hangout if you want to talk to friends for free with your Android phone.
I have a 6GB data plan so I could use it if I want to make infrequent long-distance calls, so making it cheaper than what my cellphone company charges for long distance calls per minute.
Doesn't matter much, Google is ahead of Facebook and already has features similar 
I use hangout, skype or viber to communicate with friends and family overseas for free.
Give me video calling and I'll be impressed!
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