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Tomb Raider is back and it's what a great action-adventure game should be. Check out our review:
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Ehh but the new Xbox , hopefully the 720 allows 360 games so Black ops 2 and this are not a waste of money 
And if not just do what PS3 owners are going to do: keep the old console around. Buying a new console doesn't mean that you should just immediately get rid of the old one! Why in blazes to so many people think it does?!
Im so buying that game. Right up my alley. Seems like Uncharted instead its a girl.
I don't have space to be houseing a bunch of consules am already holding my PS1,and N64 along with original Xbox and a PS3 
Uncharted is actually the male version of Laura 
I don't want an additional console either, but if that means that one of them has to sit on the floor or on a small block of wood to allow air flow and a cheap HDMI switch in the middle, so be it. It won't be pretty but it will work.  Fortunately, there's nothing about the PS4 that screams "OMG! I GOTTA HAVE IT!"  At least, not for me.
You need to make room for some English books.
Yeah, because intentionally goofball spelling has no place on G+, is that it?  {roll eyes}
This game looks good. Anything that can be half as good as the Uncharted games is worth a shot
Look, none of us really want a new console, but it looks like one is coming, so either play your old games or be prepared to make room for another more expensive console. 
I want a new console. I love my ps3/360. But they are 7 and 8 years old. Average console last 6ish years. Were due for it. We are all just too comfortable this gen, but moving forward will just make gaming better. Wouldnt you say the overal experience of gaming was better on ps3 than ps2 days?, and im not just talking about the improved graphics.
I will tell you this, as I have accrued a lot of stuff on my Xbox 360 throughout the years, it has become quite slow and laggy.
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