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The bright and chunky Alcatel One Touch Fire is the first phone to run Firefox OS. How do you fancy its chances against iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 handsets?
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And what about the devices from geeksphone and ZTE? +CNET 
I see it as a good thing, the more open source software out there the better. It should present a healthy competition to Android, Firefox has a good browser which should provide them a good anchor in attracting users to the new OS..
I for one would put money on it. Smartphone at feature phone prices can't be bad.
Now for #WebOS! 
It's just good competition between different companies.  Some people will jump on it because of the brand name (Firefox) and others will jump on it because of the price.  All of them have pros and cons.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN
+Ezekiel Carsella it's not dead just yet ;-) windows is nice, I tried it briefly. Have to check it out some more 
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