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Own a Nexus 4? Feeling BRAVE? Here are our top five custom ROMs for Google's smart phone.
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With the upgrade to 4.2.2 my NEXUS 4 feels super fast and intuitive. But Custom ROMS do give customization options such as themes and ability to go full screen when playing games and browsing the web.
I can't believe how much +Paranoid Android enhances the display. It's such a difference. I never thought the colors were washed out but after flashing 4.2.2, the difference is night and day. Nice job PA.
+Johnathan Figueroa Good to know. Now if I could only figure out how to root 4.2.2. I lost root after flashing it.
Feeling BRAVE? Really +CNET ? Why do all you big tech sites make it seem like rooting and romming is so risky? If you can read, have a few hours to dedicate to research, and you're not a complete moron, there almost no risk at all.
Hits. All they want is site hits. Nothing more. And it's not like I'd take advice from an Apple fanclub about which ROM I should use on my Android either.
This article is good but I doubt it's credibility.
Why? It rates LiquidSmooth ROM as second best although it has been inactive and outdated for months, unlike AOKP and CM
And some of the roms have features they make sound unique to others. Good for them/us to promote but take that article with a grain of salt.
Anyone who knows enough to pick apart the problems in the article probably doesn't need the article. 
+Jeff Leger you could flash the super su zip file if you've got a custom recovery or, if you want the easiest way, use "Nexus 4 toolkit" which will do everything in a minute. 
You should say insecure, because it's actually a word.

Why you gotta hate?  If it's not for you, it's not for you.

I for one couldn't live without my custom nav-ring in AOKP.
CodeFire X is the best I've run on my N4, hands down
+Ozgur Ozdil don't be a moron. That's where the community part comes in. Hundreds of people go through that code and talk about it. If there were anything suspicious it would quickly come to known. 
Somehow we need to stop contaminating these Nexus 4 posts with the word "Apple".  lol   :)
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