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Google will reportedly open U.S. retail stores later this year:
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Since Google is a services provider, I suppose those stores will actually be Google's fiber network nodes and the retail of Nexus branded gadgets will be a byproduct. By the way, EU plans to subsidize fiber network building.
Big box retailers are struggling everywhere.  I think +Google's comment that they weren't interested is more accurate than this.
+Julian Maytum why not? They have Chrome Books, boxes, and nexus devices. And when the Google TV thing gets more serious, they will sell TVs too.
+Serban Manea Because they said they aren't interested and for the right reasons.  This is a slow news day regurgitated rumor.
+Mark Potter if you think that's bad, my friend was telling me about how the iPhone 5 had burst shot. I'm like Android had that last year. He was like oh... *silence*
+Mark Potter I purchased music from google play and to-date it still hasn't appeared on my handset...despite having the google music app
+Mark Potter most people don't know how to use their phone. But thanks for pointing that out. this is a good reason to have a store open
All of sudden, I want to live in america!
+Mark Potter I agree Google sync existed way before Apple's started providing cloud services. The only thing is that Google is more humble about it verses Apple pretty much brags/promotes about something Google came out a while back as if its new technology and they came up with it...notification bar is another, taking panorama photos is another, LTE, small form factor tablets when they talked shit on it years ago. Among a bunch of others reason. Its seems the more the they build the iOS the more is starts to look more like Android. Its makes me dont hear Serge, Larry or Eric that they are going to thermonuclear on their asses and dying about it.
My suggestion for a name:
Google Playhouse
Son of a gun, it's bad enough that I'm addicted to Google Play.  Now I'm going to use gas to make my way to my other (new)  addiction.
I wonder if their stores will be locations for Ingress portals?
This is a great idea and finally. I hope they do it.

The best is when my buddy was bragging about having panorama on his iPhone 5. I'm like okay and?! Android has that over a year ago. He then resorted to insulting android. Lol

+Don Felipe do you have 'all devices' option chosen in your play music on your device. It's the drop down list box beside the headphone icon 
Googles data and infrastructure will alway win in tangential markets. If big data is seperating the men and the boys target walmart and now kmart. The jedi master just opened up shop. 
I wonder if Siri will offer me directions to get to the Google Store. 
If Apple can do it, why can't Google? Google or Samsung will most likely catch up on Apple sometime in the future, but i can't see that happening without the hype of having a dedicated store. I think this is a great idea, and I hope Google keep on being as innovative as they are at the moment. 
This is a fantastic idea..just hoping they put one in the Phoenix area
They don't need to do this. Brick and morter is slowly fading. I rather them focus money on projects like the glasses and self driving cars and let the retailers already there sale it.
+Charlie Matson I agree with your statement but it also helps them I would think or I don't know much positives for this move. As long as they know what they are doing...Microsoft is doing the same thing and so is Samsung.
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