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Touch interfaces are coming soon to everyday objects. Are you ready for a smart doorknob?
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so it can be hacked? i don't think so.
Is there really a consumer demand for this?
A $40 knob can be tricked out and sell for $250, no thanks.
Well, maybe for use by the elderly? They could lock/unlock and open the door with less effort if it where power assisted.
+Tim Harshman That business plan seems to have worked out for the "NEST" thermostat people.
What happens if the power goes out?
You don't get in
touch a doorknob to a locked door and come on in?
That looks cool and I've seen a similar concept in many, many sci-fi video games and RPGs but ... those settings also had power-hungry civilizations that thrived on some "green rock" energy source to sate its voracious power needs.

I don't think we're ready to start using smart doorknobs just yet.
Every time I hear stories like this I am reminded of those Microsoft YouTube vids that show what they imagine the world to be like in ten years. It seems they will be true (as long as the world doesn't end this year).
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