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Have you used social media to make better health care choices?
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Our Kaiser Health plan has a great online system... and the various sites like CDC and Mayo Clinic...
I use WebMD to diagnose myself.
Nope. Fortunately, I don't have any of the problems the flakes and twits have, including being a hypochondriac druggie.
I follow some twitter accounts for healthy living advice, but not medical advice.
When I need healthcare I sneak across the border to Canada.
+Warren Jones Michael Moore tells me that if you want good healthcare you need to get on a raft and go to Cuba.
I use Google to find a WebMD or Mayo Clinic article.
Wait people are asking the same facebook crowd that can't stop posting pictures of their breakfast or what kind of hairball their cat puked up for health advice?
irish d
dear facebook friends: please advise on the best remedy for my hemorrhoids...
I do. I have a herniated disc in my neck and asked if anybody has had the associated surgery. 
I don't trust anything fm a "standalone" person, especially about health.
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