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Many of us take broadband for granted, but not CNET Crave writer Eric Mack. He's writing a weeklong series on his quest to bring broadband to the boonies.
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Satellite internet is terrible--but it's the only option other than dial-up for some of us. Good write-up on the situation.
NEVER let anyone you know get WildBlue, they are liars and thieves. we were told unlimited data, had our internet shut off for using 85% of our 7GB allowance. "Cheaper" than an aircard, well yes it was, but only $5 (and the aircard was unlimited). They recently put a new satellite in the sky that boasts "faster" download speeds. But in order to get it you have to sign a new contract that will cost more, and if you read the agreement carefully its a worse deal because instead of throttling your usage you get a certain amount of internet time per day. But from what i hear, the only thing that makes them better than HuesNet would be that WB's customer service is based in America. I am not satisfied with satellite internet and would like some trusty cables run down my dead end road in the middle of nowhere.
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