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‎"Windows 8 itself is still not successful" - Acer president Jim Wong
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Acer is still spouting sour grapes because they didn't get in on the initial opportunity to produce a Win8 tablet.
Fuck you CNET, the OS has been out for 3 fuckin months and you're shitting on Microsoft for no reason... who fuckin paid for this article?
+Rafik Samman shouldn't your anger be directed to Acer, not CNET?  I'm pretty sure Acer is not getting paid to make these comments, considering they are one of Microsoft's top customers.  Business customers, just like consumers, get fed up when products don't meet their needs.  In this case, Acer is complaining that Microsoft is not helping them sell more units.  That's pretty good feedback for Microsoft.  Maybe they should change their products so that users actually like Windows 8, and therefore Acer can sell more PCs.
Windows 8 sucks, it's the windows ME of the decade..Hope it does get replaced (which it wont, cuz its Micro-shaft policy, our way or the highway).
Because CNET is so impartial when it comes to Microsoft... they've been shitting on them and publishing everything with a negative light like no tomorrow for months now...
If a manufacturer is displeased with Microsoft then said manufacturer should take their grievances up with said software maker... and when's the last fuckin time Acer was known for quality hardware that was worthy of public attention? their products are shit.
Initially i thought I could live off with windows 8 but believe me I am growing kind of distasteful. navigation is a maze. Whenever I turn on my PC windows starts indexing and this goes on for quite a long time with at least 30% CPU usage. turning off windows search Is not an option as it would make navigation a nightmare-it's not working out for me. Thinking of going back to windows 7.
Win8 does not suck just the inadequate and rigid individuals that whine & complain.

Boo hoo! 
Win 8 has put new life in the windows partition on my old laptop. Runs better than Win 7 and is stable. If I have to be in windows, it's a definite improvement.
I've never been happier since switching to Ubuntu 6 years ago, no more Windows for me. I may grab a Chrome Book though to try it out.
I've been using Ubuntu Gnome Remix. I like it a lot. But there are times I have to be in Windows. To paraphrase the world's most interesting man: I don't often use Windows, but when I do I prefer Windows 8.
Windows 8 has massively improved the usability of my +ASUS EP121.  And, at the bargain price it is, I also upgraded my home server and desktop.  The way touch works flawlessly over RDP is awesome.
The people downgrading are fools. If you install Classic Shell, for free, you can replicate the Win 7 user experience on a machine that boots a lot faster and performs better overall.
If you just learn to use Win8 you wont have to do any of that.. 
+Alex Gibeau maybe not. But I can see people not wanting to pay for an upgrade. Downgrading offers nothing and removes options from you so I can't see an informed person downgrading. 
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