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Need to flush your toilet? There's now an app for... uh... wait what?!
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For a real hands off approach though, need an app that also wipes...
just wipe with your iPhone ;)
This is just yet anither said statement on how lazy this country has gotten! C'MON MAN! What? Are you gonna be out somewhere and say to whoever, "Hold on while I flush my toilet."?
I don't even wanna think about a buffer overflow error.
our phones could do so much but this is how we choose to use them? its really rather sad...
Actually...this could be good for germaphobes...only do guests flush your toilet?
Usually, inventions are supposed to solve something to make life easier, how difficult is it to pull off the handle? If you are one of those that forgets to flush the toilet now, having your toilet paired up with your phone is not going to solve that problem, sorry to break it to you.

So, now if you drop your phone in the can you won't be able to flush?

This sounds neat, but it's stupid and hence unnecessary.
John W
The only good side to this looks like being able to flush it when you forget and aren't at home and you don't want your house smelling like crap.
I'm waiting for telepathic flushing. :-D 
Well, ain't that the shits...
Will this let me upload my proud dump automatically to Google plus? That would be great! 
This is all fine and great until you drop your phone in the toilet.

I'm a guest: "excuse me but would you mind pulling out your smartphone and hitting that #2 button on your flush app? I took a poo."
Really, let's support the obesity that's going on in America that much more, it's still nice tho lol
There is an app for everything. I hate to think of what is next
Are they calling us too lazy to even reach back when sitting on our potties?!
Translate should see the electronic toilets in Japan......82% of households have them......
Victor Rossetti
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