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Ubuntu is coming to your phone and tablet -- and in style. Is this the operating system that will finally provide some real competition to iOS and Android?
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if they can get enough app developers on board which is unlikely really.
+Long Nguyen you're probably right, which is too bad. The OS looks both beautiful and functional.
Since it supports HTML5 (and there are many already) then it has much of what people want from a smart phone already even without native mode apps
I'ts a app game...we don't want to be left out. Specialy if you com from a different ecosystem. We want to switch but as long as we can use our daily apps.
That my take of it.
Of all the "also ran" OSes, this is the one that interests me the most.  It seems to be the only platform that has truly come up with a well thought out approach to all form factors, from handheld through big screen.    Ubuntu also comes with its own library of apps, which hopefully can translate down to smaller sizes,  so it will be interesting to see if it can match up against the big boys, Android and Apple.  
ubuntu is great, but I'll stick with android
Until they have enough native apps, the should allow to run Google Play apps, purchased ones specially. Note that Android and Ubuntu Phone are both Linux, and I've read that they share their kernel (I don't know if that's true).
Mac also shares the same kernel, that does not mean it can run Android apps.
At the moment I am considered an Android fanboy... but I am definately curious about this Ubuntu phone, and would sure love to give it a try. 
Why not, if you pay for an app you're paying Google. I think even Google can view this as an oportunity. It is better for Google if you use Android, but if you don't want to use Android and still keep buying Google Play apps...As they say, it's all about freedom.
hai xu
I really hope devs get on board with this, I wanna switch to something besides iOS or android. Plus, Ubuntu is the tits!
hai xu
i hope my phone can flash or install desktop version .
Reading CNET articles makes me think that all the tech editors there are actually iOS fanboys. They don't leave a single chance of bashing Android. Just read this line below:
"... it's by far the strongest potential rival to Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In fact, I prefer it to iOS, which long ago lost its shine, and heck, maybe even to Android too."
Guess, I should stop visiting uber-biased websites.
+Asjad Hasan I don't know much about whether CNET is bias or not but what you quoted makes it seem like CNET is bias towards android rather than against it since it's quicker to say that iOS has lost its shine first and then following up with "maybe even Android too". Of course, I could be reading it incorrectly.
+James Arceo the line is "... and heck, maybe even to Android too." which just shows how non-comparable/worthy the writer finds Android to iOS that he mentions iOS loosing its sheen to Android in such a way.
It just caught my eye because the article was about Ubuntu and the writer never wasted a chance bashing Android vs iOS
Or maybe its just a way to get more hits to your website. :P
+Asjad Hasan Did it really seem that way? To me, it looked more like Ubuntu Touch vs. iOS and Android after as preference goes, which isn't too uncommon when writing a review about a new OS.  It's the same as comparing a phone of any OS to others phones with similar specs.
Isn't Ubuntu a very niche community, though? Seems like the vast majority of people would go with a brand they recognize.
I'm not sure how niche it is but there are quite a few people who are looking forward to Ubuntu Touch and will probably switch to it once it's completed. 
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