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Apple filed a patent application for solar panel technology that could be used for iPhones and iPods:
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And after that Apple is going to sue all solar panel makers.
Those are some nice solar panels you have there. It'd be a shame (dramatic pause) if someone were to litigate over 'em...
And if someone produce a real device before the iphone, who's infringing who? 
Wow I didn't know that solar panel was invented by apple lol.
This idea has already been kicking around for some time :-/ 
LOL... Yea, stuff they invent, not rectangles with round edges .. right!  XD
With an average screen on time of 2-3 hours, I fail to see how this would generate enough power to be feasible
anything would help! Although we'd all have to work outside, and well I'm in Seattle. Not sure that would help me...
So at first there was no signal because we were holding it wrong.  Then the pictures were horrible because we were holding it wrong...

If this is about a solar panel charging device that sends power via a USB cable, I would be surprised if Apple was the first to accomplish it as it's likely already out there.

But if this is some new shell for the phone then I have to wonder what the heck they're thinking.  How could we not hold the phone wrong for the solar panel to charge it and where do we store it otherwise - because it won't charge in our pockets.

Then again, wouldn't surprise me if they get the patent based on what has been approved in the past... not sure which party of the two is the bigger moron.
Apple has filed a patent to patent the concept of patent itself, take that Samsung, no more patents ever for you.
Or rather for not being used... By others :-) 
+Greg Hesp I have been using small solar panels and portable batteries to power my cell over the last several years. Even if it's a partly cloudy or mostly cloudy can still generate or store enough electricity to power your cell for awhile longer. You can find this equipment pretty reasonably right now without having to buy a whole new phone. 
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