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Canon is adding ultracompact 10x zoom to its 2013 PowerShot lineup. Check out our first take:
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Argh. Do we need compacts? Smartphone cams are so much more handy
Ooh! Nice, but no GPS tagging.
I agree with Stanley. Phones are quickly taking place of the old camera's along with ease of making Facebook albulms for sharing. 
I agree that for most every day snaps there's nothing wrong with using a smart phone. But the only time the photos in the gallery of a smart phone match those of a competent photographer with a quality compact camera is when they're the sample images stuck on the phone before you get it.

I've got a Canon 500D and an HTC One X+. I only occasionally take the 500D out and about, yet I always have my phone with me. However, there are times when the phone camera just doesn't cut it and I'd love the step up that a quality compact gives without having to take my SLR with me. That's the niche that they're going for.
+Rob Foxx the thing is. .. you never know when you need an SLR or another point and shoot compact. But you always have your phone. Which with 8 to 12 mega pixels now, should be on par with any compacts.

I think the question is, you will always have your phone or your compact/slr with you? 
Looks like it doesn't compare all that well to Sony's top-end Cybershot.
+Stanley Hart The difference is, I'll take a compact camera when I wouldn't take an SLR unless I'm going to an event where I know my SLR would make a big difference.

I used my phone camera at an event in a poorly lit hall last weekend and the pictures aren't great - fortunately the burst mode on my One X+ captured some decent ones. Now I knew I wasn't lugging my SLR on the flight with me, but I do wish I'd taken my compact camera. Even though it's 5 years old it's still consistently better than a smart phone camera because it has a better lens, a better depth of field, better flash, and some optical zoom to play with.

Smart phone cameras are at one end, SLR's are at the other. Compact cameras sit in between. The gap in between might be narrower than it was 5 years ago, but that just makes things better for the consumer. :-)
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