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Do you use Evernote to sync your notes, images and recordings across devices? Here's our full review for iOS:
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Ted Orr
I am an Evernote newbie. So far the iOS app is fantastic.
Wow, the iOS UI looks 10 times better than the Android version. I'm guessing that interface will eventually be on the Android, and this is the standard 'Devs paying more attention to iOs and Android are secondary' that I'm used to. 
The best app ever. I use it daily. Share info across platforms from any PC or iPad to google phones. Keeps me organized.
Been using it for about a year now. Google Notes going away forced my hand.
+Scott Spencer 

Did you ever think that maybe it's because Apple won't allow shitty looking interfaces on their devices?
Google docs/drive, play, +, takes care of all of the syncing across all of my devices! Who needs ever note?! :)
+Robert Martin actually the Google products are not just substitutes they are the better way to go. Apple's sun is beginning to set. Google is now the leader of innovation and the cutting edge.
+Robert Miller 

Evernote is a cross platform product. We were talking about that. Not Google vs. Apple.

And no, Google Docs is no substitute for a good note application.
I use Evernote quite a bit it's a great app and I love that you can sync it with different devices I can look at the same notes on my phone tablet or computer and when I add a note on my phone I can see it on my tablet later 
I also use to have an iPhone and Android tablet but I can look at my notes on both
Had Evernote for over a few years. Amazing service and product. Never had an issue and the devs are constantly working with the UI. 
Funny, I went PRO on Evernote yesterday :) Great timing, thanks for the review!
+Robert Martin My bad. Its just that what was being described as Ever note sounded so much like what the Google stuff was already doing only doing it better through Google.
+Robert Miller 

No biggie. Google used to have a Google Notes service, but they dropped it. Evernote is a great replacement. A far better one in fact.
Evernote is great I use it all the time. Don't know what life was like without it!
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