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The tech press says users are at fault for this week's Instagram terms-of-service debacle. Ignore them:
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Yeah it's users' fault: FOR USING INSTAGRAM in the first place.
Someone really blamed about the users? I think they have not read the updated T&C throughly to understand how mean and nasty that version of statement have been.
So hipster tech writers are calling hipster photographers idiots? Pass the popcorn.
Fantastic article +CNET. I think 1 of 2 things happened:

* InstaBook thought: "We'll push the ToS ridiculously far. If no one complains, we can make money. If they do, we'll back down, say it was a 'mistake', and look like we care about the community"

* It really was a mistake. Legalese gone crazy, implying something that wasn't intended.

Either way, every single person who uses the service needs to question them. As has been rightly pointed out, the fact that Instagram themselves said they were confused validates the intense questioning.

Question. Everything.
You think it would suck if Instagram stole your crumby photo of a cat you made it one afternoon? Imagine what its like to have the faceless masses steal the music you've spent months working on, or movie you've spent your whole life trying to produce. Copyright law doesn't seem so litigious when the shoe is on the other foot, now does it?
This really just shows how much we don't trust Facebook and anything they take over. 
I pretty much knew that the possibility of seeing my Instagram photos on an ad somewhere was relatively small.

However, I started thinking about what would happen if I took a photo that absolutely could not be shared...and I decided the benefits of Instagram were not enough to deter me from deleting my account.
If I write a book and no one gets it, do I blame the audience or maybe my inability to clearly write what I mean?
I deleted my account yesterday. I don't care whether they're backing down or not. The mere fact they handled this as poorly as they did, their connection with FB, and the fact that there are several other options (Flicker, Camera+, etc) is enough for me to easily say "adios". 
So why doesn't the tech press blame Apple users for Apple's issues? That's like saying technically they should be (the users) cuz they bought an apple mobile product in the first place lol
Thank you for this. Nobody is going to protect your privacy but you. That's what the people who reacted to this change understand. I'm glad more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that when you post something, (as I am doing now), you are the commodity.
Lol ok in that case +Corey Shaughnessy Apple told us and Steve Jobs told us that it was our fault, that we held the phone incorrectly... Apple press release and conference told us that lmao ridiculous ... you'd never see an android company behaving so arrogantly in that regard
Thought your article very well written Gave the facts with a snarky/humorous twist. Quite appreciated the information. Loved your writing style.
It's funny that the focus is on Instagram here, considering Facebook has the same tos. Instagram was just getting in line with their new parent company. 
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