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CNET's Holiday Gift Guide on G+
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Will Ng
Yo Molly Hood!  
Maybe I missed it bit what do you think of the Samsung chromebook 11.6? I have one and LOVE it. How about vs the Acer? Why does the Acer have the huge HD? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a chromebook? 
I bought the Samsung Chromebook yesterday. As long as the gift reciever understands what it is, it's a great gift. If they think it's a Windows machine, they'll be furstrated.
Why not a table vs Chrome Book? Because tablets are stupid. I have 3 all of which sit collecting dust!
Yes +Molly Wood the Chromebook is great for parents. the one I bought yesterday was for my son.
Buddy of mine (web developer) got Chromebook to test as a laptop to give to hoteling contractors since most of the work is online anyway.
Another differnce between a Chromebook and a tablet is the the Chromebook accesses the real web, not the mobile web.
Guys, Retina 13 or 15 for portable use for photographer? Or should I wait for AIR update?
Huy Le
Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or HTC Droid DNA?
I am considering getting a "gift" for myself (seeing as I am an adult with a job and can't in good conscience expect major gifts from my family, but I digress), talk me into (or out of) getting a Sony google TV box (nsz-gs7) or a DSLR camera like the Nikon D3100 or Canon Rebel T3.  Here's the fun part--I am a Google nerd, so to be expected I don't need a streaming TV box but I like geeking out about technology (I have 2 google phones and a 10" tablet), and I like taking pictures, but don't actually take that many with my point and shoot now.  Am I just looking for some tech to play with, or are one of these options worth the money? #CNETlive  
Would you pick Samsung Galaxy S3 or Droid DNA on Verizon
'someone' Need a good quality set of over-the-ear headphones... what should I get
Should I get the kindle fire for my mother who wants a calendar/smartphone like device and an ereader?
Chromebook vs Tablet isn't a fair comparison.  I have an iPad but used to always jump on my wife's MacBook Pro when I needed a keyboard, larger screen, or as +Dyami Plotke said, the real web.  For about $1,000 less and the same price as a 32gb Nexus 7 the Samsung Chomebook is just what I needed.  It's definitely not for everyone but there is definitely a market for them if buyers know exactly what they are getting and what they "need" it for.  
Thanks for talking about it!  Great use of Hangout!
I got two NFC devices. What are some good products I can get to use the tech? Speakers? NFC readers? 
Found Audio Techinica ATH-M50's for 116 dollars on Amazon. Yay or nay?
Thank you so much for answer! I'm using Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, and sometimes Final Cut Pro for video editing. I prefer Retina 15 too and I wonder if 8 gb of RAM wil be enough if I buy this unit for 3-4 years? And when the update of Retina lineup is expected?
what was the photo archiving device they mentioned?
If you was to get a windows 8 Tablet or Tablet/Latop what would you get?
Are any of the smartphones worth losing unlimited data plan over subsidy?
Yes we're still watching, and you guys are killing me. I still miss BOL
sidebar: whats everyone think of the surface/tablet computer hybrids?
Can someone help me find the cheapest price for an xbox 360 kinnect bundle (bigger than 4 gb)???
Louis B
Hangout doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy s2.
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