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+Duane Donovan I couldn't agree with you more. Time will tell, but I'm beginning to understand where curmudgeonly old people were coming from when I was much younger. 
Getting laid is so emasculating though. 
That half dazed Google Glass-look will one day be as identifiable as the botoxed eye brows :-)
If you're a woman, is being emasculated a good thing?
As long as we have to stretch our eyes into the upper right or upper left corner this device is useless as it is.

If it would be a HUD then maybe but I still wouldn't like the idea.
That's... sarcasm right?

Moving your eyes is too big a movement for you?
+Jake Miller moving your eyes to top right corner is not a big movement but a very distracting one. Try doing this while driving. Good luck with that and to all other drivers on the road. If you have seen the verge video about the use of glass you would know that stretching your eyes so far up is distracting and very uncomfortable. Not to mention that all Project Glass youtube video are misleading because they show something completely different. So no no sarcasm at all.
What does this pud know...."I'm a billionaire, therefore I know" ? Please.
Whatever your take, life would be a damn sight better. 
Really? can we read an ebook on Google glass??
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