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Nokia Lumia 920! HTC Windows Phone 8X! Which Windows phone reigns supreme? Here's our Prizefight punch out:
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I am putting money on the HTC to win.
Samsung with android is the best till now
Not sure what happened there, sorry, link added.
Specs-wise, the Lumia 920 is the superior phone over the HTC 8X. Having owned both Nokia and HTC phones, the Nokia software is far superior (HTC's apps are simplistic and limited, where as Nokia apps, like City Lens and Drive, are pretty awesome.) Nokia also has the superior camera with PureView. The wireless charging for the Lumia is pretty awesome, too. The rest is all just Windows Phone 8, so not much to compare there...
They both are amazing phones.  The form factor on both is nice.  However, the 8X seams like it can break a lot easier and the 920 is just plain solid.  

The 8X has an amazing front facing camera, but the 920 has a wonderful rear camera.

Nokia software is a great additional apps for their line of phones, including turn by turn directions.
oh my heart ...i love u Nokia i all numbers and colours....
N L 920 HTC wich Window... baby enjoy!
It should be noted that the front-facing camera in the HTC is specced well above what anyone will be able to see. Most of the WP8 phones are 720p, which clocks in at a little under 1mp of image data. A 1080p camera that offers 2.1mp of image data is just wasting processing power and resources to capture an image twice as large as anyone needs... Now, if the screen was actually 1920x1080 pixels, then a 2.1mp front-facing camera would be useful...I don't expect to see such screens until the next round of Windows phones, and probably not on anything smaller than a Galaxy Note sized 5.5" pocketmonster.
Htc always a d image sense is awesome

That say's it All... Good riddance...lesson learn...Wisdom
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