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1) Apple announces new iOS features.
2) Android fans: "We've had that forever!"
3) Apple fans: "We don't care!"
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-3) Apple announces new features
-2) Apple fans: "Android doesn't have that! Apple is soooo innovative!"
-1) Android fans: "We don't care!"
The reason I personally get a bit annoyed is because Apple is so damned sue happy whenever a Android phone maker even slightly does something that the iPhone does, and then they go and rip features straight from Android claiming it's some new innovative shit that no one ever thought of before.
Ru Ramjee
Apple fans are sheep, and sheep are easily impressed.  I think iPhone users still marvel at cut-and-paste, to be honest.
3.5) And you got if for free so how good could it be... I paid for mine so it is superior...
What i find funny is how some of the apple faithful used to shower Android users (and their features) with disdain.  Now that IOS looks and behaves increasingly like android, all you hear is praise for the now wonderful features they used to scorn at.  Crazy stuff.
AH, be quiet RU-Paul +Ru Ramjee   Applle is excellent at integrating old and new technology seamlessly, and at the correct time.
+Dave Bakker summarized it nicely in his closing remark.  Both phones continue advancing and the end user is the beneficiary.  As long as reciprocity is maintained, it should all be good.  Unfortunately, +DeAno Jackson also tapped on a primary reason where this theory runs into a bit of a problem.  It's not about fanboy Apple vs fanboy Android...  It's about platforms being advanced through innovation, evolution, and emulation to enhance user experience - wish we could all just get along!
This article makes an interesting point, but where it falls short is the idea that it's only Apple fans giving the thunderous applause.  I notice across the spectrum of tech reviews and blogs that Apple is capable of no mistakes, and anything that Google produces for Android (no matter how new, or how awesomely it works) is merely "blah".  "an OS...that's tightly integrated and exceedingly easy to use" shows that bias, as Android apps all work together seamlessly as well.  Actually I really appreciate that Android is seamlessly merging my mobile experience and my desktop experience with the products I use daily.  
My point is that all this bickering only started when Apple cultists accused the newer Google platform of being inferior. Android fans were content enough to have an alternative to iOS before it's fans rambled about it being a ripoff.
Ru Ramjee
If you're going to insult someone and defend being an Apple sheep, MAKE SURE YOU CAN AT LEAST SPELL "APPLE".   Maybe you should have cut-and-paste it!  HAHAHA! #sheep #baa #baa
Can't hear Crapple fans saying they don't care from their Moms' basements.
As Android users we can steal, oops I mean borrow the tag line, " We have an app for that." But we can change it to, "We have an app for that already." lol
So is it the majority opinion here that ALL iPhone users are cultist sheep? Hmm. No hyperbole there.

I have an iPhone 4. Is it the most awesome thing in the world? No. I don't like the walled garden approach. But since it's free (my company pays for it), then it's good enough to save me $100/month. I even use all of Google's products on it just fine thanks to Google doing all of the synergy for me server-side. There is just nothing compelling enough about Android to justify migrating. The iPhone can do everything the Androids can do. Any differences are trivial.

So am I a cultist sheep?
This statement is telling: "deep down they believe that when Apple finally delivers the feature, they'll get a better experience than their Android friends." -The truth from this Android user is, I don't care what features Apple has, or is getting, or when they get them.  I don't care what marketing ploys Apple uses.  I have better things to worry about.
+Ryan Luehrs I agree. As an iPhone user, when a new iOS feature comes out, I could not care less is Android has it already or not. It does not affect me. It's not like I call all of my Android friends and wave the effing phone in their face. That is one of the dumbest lines in the article. I do not care if it brings a better experience than Android or not, only that it improves my experience.
Bottom line is that Apple are stealing Innovations from Android. SHAME on Apple
Everyone steals from everyone. No one is innocent.
Then go tell Apple to drop all the charges they leveled against Samsung and co
Siri is still superior as of now. Apple needs to get it to everybody before Android can offer a similar feature everywhere.
+Lj. Angelov Yeah, there are other similarly stupid things in iOS the drive me nuts. But at least jailbreaking can get most of them fixed. And since such a large number of iPhones are jailbroken, I do not know anyone who cares about new versions of iOS other than whether or not it will override the jailbreak.
Siri (and the Android equivalent) is just stupid. I am not going to walk around looking like an ass by having a conversation with the fricking phone.
+Edwin Castillo 0) Android users post that Apple sucks (99% of the time without any constructive element)
1) Android users say Apple isn't doing anything new, just suing everyone
2) Android users bring up over and over again on how you can do more on Android and all iPhone users are idiots as opposed to people who like the device.
+Scott Jordan You don't think there is something inherently wrong with having to jailbreak a gadget in order to get it to work the way you want to?
+Joseph Proffer Not really. Also, every single one of my Android friends have rooted their phones so what's the difference? How many Android users here have rooted their phone? Same thing as jailbreaking.

Also, I am so used to wiping hard drives and reinstalling the OS on computers that I feel wrong if I don't do it. I don't mind taking things apart and rebuilding them. But that's just me.
Android users are the majority of mobile users, so saying only Android users care is like saying only India and China care about xyz.
+Joseph Proffer I wouldn't say 'inherently wrong' as it is Apple's choice to build their walls. But, I do agree that there needs to be at least some options to change those walls. It's all about opinion on that, though. But, I think people who jailbreak iPhones, myself included, aren't pro-Apple's wall building, but we like the hardware, we like the apps (not all are on Android, I've checked), and found a way to eat our cake while having it through jailbreak without ruining the walls Apple put up.

iOS 6 was a bit of let down on possible giving us some options in walls. At least what we know so far. Jailbreak is a solution, but I can't move over to Android until that leap is finalized and a tablet and phone exist that match up to my needs and show Google working towards some form of centralized concept on rolling out updates universally rather than solely based on technology. Example is the XPeria S, which I like tech-wise, but they don't have ICS working on it yet even though it's a brand new phone.

Anyway, /end_yammer
+Scott Jordan No, there is a huge difference between jailbreaking and rooting.  
Android users that root are just wanting to do something fun and nifty with their phone that is completely imaginative.  Stuff so out there that it voids your warranty.
iPhone users that jailbreak their phones are doing so because they want to change a color on something or send a quick-reply SMS.
+Christopher Goodno The ones that aren't are the ones built into Android phones by Google already.  ;)  lol
I dunno, I just think the very name of "jailbreak" says it all.  I don't want to buy a product that is automatically a hindrance to me right out of the box.
+Greg Williams Andriod users are the majority for smart phones only. When it comes to total mobile OS users, including tablets, iOS has the majority, by quite a large margin.
Finally iFans can sleep in relief and pray for the article author to have a cup of tea with Steve Jobs.
+Joseph Proffer That depends on the ROM used. Some simply remove certain apps or the crapware that the carrier adds. Not every rooter is Salvador Dali.
I love android as much as the next guy and I can say that for some things I prefer IOS, and yes, I own phones and tablets running both.  I find it ridiculous that threads like this always devolve into the fandroids calling names and screaming nonsense at the iFans.  The same happens in reverse when you go to Facebook or Twitter.  Come on guys, G+ is supposed to be about intelligent discussion not about childish pissing contests where no one has a stake.  Can't we just discuss the pros and cons of each platform and the strategies of their companies without resorting to childish banter?
If you work in tech then you know the deal, with code it's buy-buy-buy or steal-steal-steal
+Joseph Proffer In the iOS 6 Siri, there is integration with navigation, and it will retrieve more info instead of just doing a web search.
+Joseph Proffer I wish that were true, on being built into Android. Example is Notability, an awesome app I use every day. There are similar, but not this one.
To me its not a matter of complaining because android had it first its complaining about a company being that big of a hypocrite to act like they can just take and use any idea in tech they want and it be ok but when somebody does it to them they wanna run and cry to the judge "he copied me judge ban him" and then its even worse because the sheep just follow right behind that thought without getting the facts straight which normally are apple didn't invent these things first
Is Apple simply a tech company or is it a new strange religion with people that believe Apple is the Truth?
+Diego Savardi it's a strange not-so-new religion. Try saying something bad about the iPhone or iPad and watch the zealots go wild in the comments 
religiously following?  Not I.... for android or iPhone... that makes me better than them (iphonies).... i guess.
I think that exactly the same happens when updates to android are announced — apple users cry that they've had something forever, and android turn the IDGAF eye to their complaints.
+Žiga Pirih in the last 12 months, tell me something that Android newly implemented or doesn't have and I'll care. 
I think there are a lot of elements to this whole argument.

Android has a lot of features. Many of them not because of Google, but the developers and their open system. I think it's a bit disingenious to say "Android has it" when people have to search for these features in the app store and they're not core elements. Apple is taking ideas from not Android, but third-party developers and integrating them into their core system.

So, yes, a lot of these features are old in concept, new to iPhone users, but also implemented differently and with more possible potential for use (questionable on item to item on that last part).

Having said that, I don't, and likely never will, understand the animosity of Android users towards a company that is touting their features. Sure, Apple markets their features. Well. But the marketing is what it is, a way to sell your product, not a way to signify that what Apple offers isn't being offered elsewhere.

If knowing that these features already exist somehow on Android, typically from third-parties, shouldn't the complaint be that Android hasn't been marketed well enough over the years to tell people this rather than Apple saying they can now do them?

And this animosity has grown to an attak on the people who user Apple products. Sheep. Idiots. Hipsters. Etc. Anything to equate to people who just don't know any better. Which, I admit, there are idiots who make idiotic claims. But to generalize all users as such is disingenious and really just a generalized and ignorant attack on people who more often than like have an iPhone because they like it and not because it doesn't do more. Not everyone needs more. Some people do, but they would shop around for the one that does what they want.

The people who own iPhones, for the most part, are people who liked what Apple offered in their advertisements. If you have an issue with people who enjoy their device and aren't upgrading to one that you feel is better and offers more, that sounds like a personal issue. If you have an issue with Apple advertising their features, that sounds like an issue with how Android phones are marketed and not the userbase of Apple.
classic them not caring, so oblivious
One more thing..., (...a voice from behind ... wait android already made it)    ... well not today  
Damn idiots the Apple fans ...well i guess it stupid to tell idiots they are stupid...
Android sucks!! Android never had those features forever. The Siri app or feature is much more better because for those sports fanatics you can get the stats, scores for ever sports events plus setting reservation straight from you phone with out you being there. So android compete with that. 
+Christopher Goodno yes it is a bit disingenuous... in much the same way it is idiotic to buy something just because you are told to.  I think people should be more open to do research on things they are planning to buy... rather than just assuming they are getting the best because that is what they are told. .. I bring to the table Siri being programmed (hard-coded rather) to say that iPhone is the best, regardless of the facts about the mobile market, specs, usability, etc... as is and can be shown by any good quality internet research
+Christopher Goodno what "core" items does Apple offer on iOS that isn't baked into Android as well?  Search? Siri? Navigation?  Apple is piggybacking off Google's products, and re-branding them as "core" in their OS.  Siri uses Google search for its results (which come in slower than Google voice commands), and until iOS 6 actually hits the market, they're still using Google Maps for their maps and navigation.  
Who cares? Why all the hate? I like them both. I have an Android (tech freak) and I bought my wife an Apple 4s (non-geek). Both phones are awesome.
+Joseph Proffer comes in slower because it has to ensure that "facts" that come back support its claims to be the greatest and other such things.... that's my opinion anyway... I dont' know for sure... but after the whole iPhone is best from siri debacle, I wouldn't be surprised at all if that filtering is what slows it down.
isheep and their crapple products lol.
More or less the community is screaming at Apple "'re just now getting there..??"
Well maybe people should so that Apple can stop infringing on other companies with law suit after law suit just to keep their devices on top a bit longer. That one that kept my Evo LTE from getting here for over a month had nothing to do with anything that Apple even uses in their devices.
The less people buy, the less I'll have to worry about whether a pre-ordered device that is better than an iPhone will get to me because of bogus business tact.
Careful... they might try to sue you for that statement. 
can you guys  share SUPA DAY videos  thanks!!
+Grayson Chaumontet lol... I know right... the patent mostly dealt with multitasking and memory storage.... something that iPhone/iPod/iPad (even the specs rumored for iPhone 5) doesn't even have. Let em' sue me.  They'll find I've nothing to take and they are wrong anyway.
Oh well, in the end it won't matter, when Project Majel and Google Glasses come to fruition, people will be wondering what that half-eaten fruit logo is.  

I'm calling the shot, Google, don't let me down.  lol
With apple it works first time it's out with little to no bugs. Android it's huge to little to no bugs. I had a android and at that a 4G and there were so many bugs in the apps and one app made it were it stopped syncing with my major gmail account. There are thing I miss of android like NFC, but I find my iPhone more useful in 100 more ways then I ever did with android. Main reason for that is the connection dock thanks to that the iPhone is so useful if android made it were it was more useful with its USB port there might be a fight. For me it was not just apps it was the many things you can do with one device and the iPhone port was the winner. That's the one thing android don't have and not sure ever will
+Edwin Castillo  you're so right, CNet have become such Apple Fan boys I can't barely stand anything they say anymore.
Yeah, that's why I de-circled CNET a long time ago.  I think it's basically just a link off of at this point.
Lol, so true. Apple is always a mile behind but their fans stay loyal
Personally I think we should all talk about how crap all tech devices are all the time so that the companies get embarrassed into making devices that are truly awesome.  I am just constantly annoyed by everything I ever use with the exception of my camera and my kindle.    It amazes me how annoying Android is every time I use it.  But then I see the Samsung Galaxy sIII 16GB is selling on a cheaper contract than an 8GB iPhone 3GS.  Now that is definitely not right.  That is just insane.  If they can sell it at that price then it is because people are willing to pay it.  Now that is stupid.  Admittedly I love my 3GS but even with the huge amount of time I have invested in getting my iOS infrastructure set up the way I like it there is no way I would even think about getting an 8gb 3gs rather than a galaxy sIII, especially at a higher price.  IPhones are nice but some people got too much money and not enough sense.
I'll give apple less crap when it has true multitasking, enough to maintain a FTP download in browser, and check your email, while listening to pandora. Currently doing that will crash your download.

Also, when you can change the default applications. I hate safari, and while there are alternatives, they can't be the default.

On android, I use go launcher. Did google make it? No, but I like it, so I use it.
Awaiting the Apple lawsuit against Google for the innovations Apple stole from Android.  Google needs to counter-suit saying, "That map looks like Google maps!"
Apple definitely has the more "stable" and usually less buggy software, but the more android progresses it becomes more streamlined and seamless, especially with android 4.0. Playing with a Galaxy Nexus, I don't think I have ever seen anything with that clean of an interface. Android will always have the upper hand on more functionality and integration of it's services. 

This article argues that Apple brings all these features later so they can add that special touch to them and make them perfect, but all these features are usually just the same as android counter parts or they are less functional. I.E. now you can share "some" things to twitter or facebook while on android you can share almost anything directly to any app that has the ability to share things.

Apple brings these features out and introduces them as revolutionary things...that's why android users yawn. I've had a notification system, been able to share anything to any site, had turn by turn navigation, and many other things for years.
It's new to you if you've never seen it. I still remember the day I was frustrated with my Toyota GPS Navigation, and I yelled "Navigate to Jungle Jims" and my phone started turn by turn navigation to Jungle Jim's, complete with up-to-date traffic report. This was about a year before Siri... not that Siri helped at all with the functionality.
I guess you have to move the goal posts to validate things these days. Yesterday it was first to market and innovative, now it's just to market and good enough.
Apple users don't care when they are late to the game with a feature. But they are in your face if Apple releases something 1 second before anyone else.
Apple did not invent this type of OS, people.  Palm did, or whomever Palm got their OS from.  The only innovations Apple added above Palm OS was a unified app store and a huge (at the time) screen in candy bar-format hardware.  Oh - and also terrific marketing, including having shills like CNET giving them free airplay.

Palm did downloadable apps, icons in a grid on a screen, email, music, internet, all in a phone, all before Apple even started dreaming about an iPhone.
+Dave Bakker haha. It was only a 6 month(8?) difference, so it's not like android wasn't being worked on.Anyways, Steve got the idea from LG Prada after the 2006 design awards. So they didn't really innovate that either. 
I favorite Android... the evidences it speaks for itself. Folks before you go accusing me of being a fanboy I had an IPhone. So I did give it a change but is not for me. Enough said.
+Allen Roe Docks are not Android's responsibility.  That comes down the the vendor of the phone itself.  Motorola have plenty of docks for their Android-based phones, one of which turns the Atrix into a laptop.
This whole comment thread is a real worry and it's not just here, it's any comment thread on an Apple article (which seem to draw more attention from Android users).

I wonder how long it'll be until Apple hatred actually spills out into real life and someone gets bashed for their choice of phone by people who are so avid about freedom.

Do you guys get paid by Android to sell your system by bullying those that don't use it? SMH. Thank heavens this stuff (comment threads on a tech account on G+) isn't mainstream because it basically means people will have to go with Android for fear of being lambasted anywhere on the Internet. <insert slow clap>

Go ahead and hate the company (fair enough!) but grow up and stop attacking its users, it's not nice.
It doesn't really matter who had it first. Use whatever phone works best for you and go on with life. I like the phones using Google, and someone somewhere will eventually upgrade.
+Stephen Pfaff lol Apple will be the next FunnyJunk to Google's Oatmeal.
My droid loves apple milkshake. And there's a history to that bite on the apple. But it's so obvious that idiotic iFans can't look beyond the ton of cosmetic media around the product. True story. Since bro-droidian times!
Icons on a grid... sounds like my old Nokia..
iPhone users don't care because they seem to be ignorant consumers who are suckered in by clever marketing to buy an inferior product. Maybe if they got out of their' iphone is so cool' headspace and looked at the big picture they would see that iPhones are not as good as people make out. They are nothing but restricted and over priced smartphones, and there is so much better out there already.
What bothers me is the attitude that something isn't important or a selling feature unless iOS or the iPhone itself has it.
A few examples:
1) "Retina" display - Android had 480x800 v iPhone's 360x480 for nearly a year.  When the iphone had the awful display it didn't matter, after the "retina" display the density is all that matters
2) Fast hardware - Android was always ahead in this regard, but Apple fans disregarded it because "it's all about the experience".  Then the A5 came out and Apple was finally competitive in one aspect (GPU), suddenly real life performance didn't matter and it's theoretical GPU advantage is all important.  
3) Camera peformance - The iPhone cameras prior to the iPhone4 were quite bad, where Android manufacturers were putting quite decent ones in the higher price ones.  iPhone4 comes out and suddenly the camera is very important and Apple is innovative for finally sticking a useful camera in the iPhones.

Worse yet, is that I now see the same Apple fanboys from 1) and 2) knocking WP for the exact things they said didn't matter prior to them getting something decent (800x480 is terrible and unbearable apparently, single core is horrible and must be laggy).

Android users aren't the only whiney ones about the other camp getting features/apps, look at the reaction of iOS Instagram users when Instagram for Android was released.  
jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja THanks for the laughs +David Hooper jajaja you made my day!

Shouldn't the title be, "The iPhone may be late to features, but iOS users (including CNET) don't care"?

Because it appears that are about a million new people a day, who aren't Android users, that do care.

In a way, CNET reminds me of RIM; back in the day, they were the shiznit, the only place I went to get technology info.  But then they got passed by by other sites, so now they've latched themselves onto Apple in an attempt to be in with the cool kids.  Shame.
LOL  This is epic.  Apple Fans - "We don't care!"...  Why?  Because we love to pay more for devices and software that does less.  We are mindless sheep and we don't want to bother having to think for ourselves.
As much as people try to tote their iPhones and brag, "Oh i have a notification bar, oh I have this, I have that," and I have had it on Android forever.  I just say, yeah I know what that is, I have had it on Android forever.  Go tel someone else because you are annoying me.  I will stick with Android and true development.  Thanks
Only Android users care?  Wouldn't that be the majority marketshare of smartphone users and growing that care?
It just shows how blinded Apple sheep are by Apple products. The iPhone or iOS is no longer the latest or greatest but Apple sheep believe everthing Apple does is revolutionary and magical.
I love this Apple doesn't equal the best but its most expensive so if shallow and materialistic then apple is for you but if you just need a phone to get the job done then Android is your phone and don't worry you get better phone for your money.
I dunno, +John Cunningham, they rapidly swarm any Apple related tech article on the Internet. It's curious that Android fans can't write a sentence without mentioning Apple or it's users though. Haters gonna hate an' all that.
I think its pretty obvious the isheep don't care about anything but what apple says because even their leader oops ceo knows it when he says "even when they're mad at us they still come back and buy our products" sheeping at its finest!!!
A lot of people needs to understand that apple is not all that. You are paying a lot of money for very little! Look at the Mac book spec for the money you can buy a high end PC/laptop with way better spec for less money. If anyone is looking for top class Android phone with fast update Galaxy Nexus is the one.
No no no, see, you get this wrong! It's not that Apple users don't care, it's just that most of them don't know! just talk to an average iphone user, they think that Apple is innovating and that everyone else follows... Why? Well they just don't know any better. I'm not joking, most people believe that Android is behind, and well, that's fine too. I compare iphone/android to a racecar vs a honda. Race cars are powerful, fast and capable but not for everyone, the truth is, most people feel better on a honda, and wouldn't know what to do with (and couldn't handle) a race car.
If apple works good then we r going to the apple side otherwise android is the king big devices high resulotion screens and many many more....
You are tripping and need to see the light.
Apple fans are sheep, and sheep are easily impressed. I think iPhone users still marvel at cut-and-paste, to be honest. Funny sh!t man, true about many Apple fans. My Android will eat your stupid piece of fruit, sh!t it out, & throw it at your face. - To All Android Nay Sayers just a friendly warning
Who cares is right. Everyone evolves ideas from everyone. It's good for competition and the consumer. Some of these patent claims are simply rediculous. I can't believe some of the obvious ideas that are being issued patents. Attempting to litegate, rather than compete, your competition away hurts the consumer. Apple needs to stop. Please stop...
I honestly cannot care about Apple adding or removing anything. Outside of crazy lawsuits, they really don't affect me. No point in getting militant about a competitor when you're happy with your own technology.
i have a droid razr maxx and a ipod touch with some of the same apps on each device. The android version of the apps are missing key features that are on the ios version and also the freaking android apps freeze up and half ass work. My personal experience with android vs ios
Its funny becus if android was to copy something apple did, android would get sued by apple
The author is a classic iFanboy, Apple users do care (I know too many) and Android users are rightful in their claims as Apple tries to desperately gain back some market share now that Android is in the lead, and the way things are looking, Android will maintain the lead for  as long as iOS lags behind in their "improvements" I really don't see the revolutionary aspect in implementing old software and launching the same handset device with a "better screen" 
That's your problem right there it's razor not a Galaxy Nexus!!
Mark Ng
Competition is high.. both OSs have tons of great features.. consumers are winning. Who cares about which one is "better"
It seems as though there are many here that believe that it is mathematically impossible to evaluate all three mobile platforms and not choose Android unless you are under some form of mind control.

Hm. Conspiracy theory much? Foil hat time.

I have been a software developer for 20 years, so I am not new to tech. I carefully evaluated all three mobile platforms and choose Apple even though I hate their corporate tactics.

My corporate account was with AT&T so I was locked into the carrier. I did a lot of online research and was leaning heavily toward Android. Then I went to the local AT&T shop for hands-on time.

Windows Phone 7 (pre-Mango at that time) was just not ready for primetime yet. Also sparse marketplace for apps. Out.

I played with literally every single Android phone they had. None were as smooth as the iPhone 4. I would scroll a list and it would register a tap instead, things like that. They were all like that, just clunky and clumsy.

The iPhone 4 just worked. I could zoom around the OS with hardly a single mis-tap or funky swipe slowing me down. The App Store is still unmatched.

The downsides were that I prefer Android's widget UI of the home screen to the iOS grid of icons. I also like Android hardware's expandability and openness. But the biggest drawback of the iPhone is how it was ties to that embarrassment of software design, iTunes.

I. Hate. iTunes.

Fortunately, there were jailbreak apps that allowed my to go virtually untethered 24/7. With iOS 5, I uninstalled iTunes and have not needed to sync to any machine since. I'm completely cable-free.

I wanted Android, I really did. I am still hopeful that an Android tablet worth a damn might one day surface before I am ready to pull the trigger on one (fingers crossed for the TF-701 or the A700). If not I'll get an iPad 3 and be just as happy with it.

Android and iOS are both good platforms for different reasons. Claiming that one is 100% awesome and the other is 100% crap is childish third-grade behavior.

Bets on if the first post after this one contains the words sheep, crapple, or some other massive generalization?
That because Android users have to, I mean it not just that they love to, but they actually have to have to mock Apple Fanboys when ever they can. It part of their iOS! That because Apple Fanboys have always thought they were better (unless that a misconception) 
This world is certainly full of choices!
I guess one take away is that #apple  users are dedicated even though they may not have the best or fastest features?
This is apple pay more and get less.
$2300.00 for a Mac Book with very little to offer in hardware!!
+Mark Ng I think that is how most users feel but a minority few in each camp love to start this battle over and over. I have both phones and prefer my iOS for daily use. Consumers for both products are winning though which is what counts most to me.
In Android, a new map app is an update not an OS upgrade.
Pretty much have not been impressed with most iOS devices simply because of the anti-memory card slot sentiment. Put a mini-SD card slot on an iPad, and I'll become interested.
Nothing new under the sun. Always been like that. But let's be honest - S Voice? That's an original idea or a copy? Well, here's my response - I have a Galaxy S3 and I don't care that S Voice is a Siri replication.
1) Who cares, they're just phones
2) ...
3) ...
I already see a lot of difference under the hood in SDK — like a better app communication. Power stuff.
This made my iBoiling iBlood calm down a lil, knowing there are others like me out there. :)
who will win game no all u apple and android fans
I wonder whether apple attempted to patent those "new" features yet so they could sue later and claim was their innovation.
Apple users don't care but I constantly hear from my Apple friends "omfg you need to get an iphone!" " omg let me show you what my phone does!" and I'm like uhh... yea... ok noob.
That's right Android users... IDC! My phones is still waaaay better than yours... 
You shouldn't search for rationality in a religious-driven context/environment.
Love it. I was thinking the same thing. 
I know, but I"ve been trying to lose a few pounds.
Love the screen real estate on my S2 ;-) As a phone and mobile computer it has a lot more to it than the 4S IMO. I cannot wait to get the S4... (upgrade time ain't for a while!)
+Dean Cenido about your comment with the sports score, do you know how long Google has been able to get sports scores? Apple is just simply taking voice input, converting it to text, and then doing a search for the information. This is nothing new here:
iOS is so far behind us. Samsung Droid Charge and soon hopefully Samsung Galaxy SIII.
They dont care.  They will just like it and accept it when they are told its ok to do so. #lemmings  
Android fans are not up in arms over their OS of choice having features first - they are up in arms over the constant implication from Apple fans and Apple blogs and media sites referring to Apple's announcement of upgrades as "Innovations."

These Apple upgrades are not innovations, they are late to the game and have been since FroYo launched. 
It's the same as every iSheep complaining that Android copied those features from Apple. Wait another 6 months. Google Maps will be branded as a copy of iOS maps. lol
I don't care either way.  I have an iPhone and Android phone.  I will say that iPhone came first and is more streamlined than Android though.
+Dasith Wijesiriwardena Considering that the iPad is a copy of Android tablets from 2009 like the Android Vega yet all pro-Apple people claim that Android tablets are iPad copies, I won't be surprised at all
Siri is old hat - Android has had dozens of apps that do the very same thing... both platforms are good but with very different ideals... I find the bigotry and over zealousness on both sides fairly repugnant
+Dave Bakker both platforms are benefitting but one remains bitter and unwilling. I think the point here is that Apple doesn't mind borrowing ideas but doesn't like it when others do the same.
S-voice is a ridiculous copy from samsung and i hate that they even did that crap...

Now with that said android has over 50% market share and over 800k new device activations daily. Who cares what apple does with there boring ass OS.

Sooner or later the sheep will wake up. Gs3 and one x ftw.
+Faraday Defcon I have an iPhone and I sync everything over wifi. Even iOS updates are OTA now. My machine does not even have iTunes installed.
Only new innovation so far that's worth a damn this year is samsung's wake stay, where your phone watches you to see if your still using it and keeps the screen on.. That's slick, and I hope it makes its way into jellybean or a future version of android!
It could be just me but, isn't Android just a copy of Ios? Even the apps are copies from ios.
This article is wrong and bias, android is a well polished and filled with a completely different philosopy of coding. Apple is not gods gift to software or hardware. They just use the nature of humanbeings needs to want want want, and exploit it to keep customers coming back. It's not what you speak of, your looking to far into it.
So in 2010 and 2011, Apple's best trait was innovation and creativity. Now, Apple's best trait is their patience? C'mon! You can't have it both ways.
BREAKING NEWS: Apple set to Sue Google for coming up with ideas before them.
+Philip Patuto It used to back in the old days. Now competition drives patent abuse (like patenting other peoples work as your own) and frivolous lawsuits
A lot of these fandroid hipsters are ugly. And poor. #justsaying
+Angel Pacheco No, Android and iOS are two different OS's made around the same time. iOS was being made first and months later Android was being started on. 
The reason many people think Android is a copy of iOS is because Eric Schmidt used to be on the Apple board while working at Google at the same time. Thing was (and most people prefer to ignore) is whenever the iPhone came up during meetings Eric Schmidt would excuse himself from the meetings since he knew he was making a competitor product, and if he stayed and listened in it would be could seen as stealing trade secrets. If he did stay during those meetings then Apple would have been able to legally shut down Android on day one (under charges of stealing corporate secrets)
Funny how iOS can get new features that have been on Android for years, and people still think Android is a copy. Amazing..
Up until two-two and a half weeks ago, if you asked Siri what the best smartphone was, she replied the Nokia Lumia. IMO, Apple makes cool products but the iPhone isn't one of them. IOS is a couple of steps behind Android at every step and can't catch up.
I think that Apple fans have been tricked into thinking that mediocre upgrades is the same as inovation. i havrnt see any real innovation with apple since a year before steve jobs passed..... adding sone ram and making a computer thinner just doesnt cut it. and unfirtunately i dont see any real technology changing inovation rolling down the pipe from apple. they had their ipad iphone glory and now they got nothing else. which is why we see these mediocre incremental upgrades touted as the next best thing
+Xatolos Wired I don't know about that. You do need iTunes to first create your iTunes Store account. After that, you don't really need iTunes. And to be clear, going totally wireless is not baked into iOS, but who uses only the default apps anyway. What would be the point of never buying any apps and only using the ones that came with the phone when you bought it.

iOS 5 brought with it iOS updates OTA (as long as it is charging). All of the content that I use (movies, music, audiobooks, podcasts, files, everything is pulled down using my preferred apps. And content goes back using various apps also.

Files = Dropbox, SugarSync, etc
Podcasts = Downcast
Music = Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player
Movies = (I forget right now.)
Audiobooks = Audible

Is this solution native? No. So what. I am tether-free and iTunes-free forever. Charge and go.
Has no one noticed ? that screenshot on +CNET post ..... " Made for iPhone hearing aids " 
So this is why you can't change an Apple users mind ,,, they're deaf :D  LMFAO
+Louie DeAngelis Thats why just about every cell company offers free iPhones but rarely offer free high end Android phones (like the new S3), because iPhone users pay more for their free phone and Android users are too poor and have to pay for their phone...
No offense Android Homers but you may have had it forever but apple will make it better.
Randy Hoopes, wouldn't that be patent infringement?
There's some irony here that the article was also posted to CNET's Google + channel :-)
Their "lack of care" is an denial. They care when they have them, but only because Apple convinced them that now they need them. Apple spent billions in advertising convincing they didn't need them only a year before.
+Scott Jordan So the iPhone isn't technically iTunes free yet. Its needed at the start? Just wondering, haven't used one since I system crashed my friends iPod Touch in 30 seconds
+Randy Hoopes Thats why every article has pointed out that iOS maps isn't even at par with Google Maps... because its somehow better? Because the pretty Apple logo is now there?
I love the quote.

"We don't care!!!"

Cnet knows how fanboys work.
Your an idiot nothing i've read said google maps us even close to apples, in fact, they're saying Google is scrambling to get plans to do their own overhead 3d mapping.
Soon, nobody cares. I used to compare what iOS has and what Android has. Lately, there's just no point doing that anymore. 
Android users, stop taking the bait, let it go, Apple isn't winning the patent wars for a reason, lets just let the hipsters love their devices as much as possible.  Ha, someone needs to make an android, apple, (and I guess blackberry) COEXIST bumper sticker. +1 to the person who shares that on G+
These are phones and corporations, how the hell can you be taking sides?  do you fight over the color too?
I'm a Google fan as well, but until google starts manufacturing their own phones and not just software, they ate way behind apple. Every Android phone I've Ebert owned has left me disappointed. Including the crappy over hyped nexus I just got rid of.
+Xatolos Wired Yes, I do think that you need iTunes to create your iTunes Store account, but I could be wrong. I created my account years ago. It may now be possible to create the account on the phone. Someone who has done this recently will need to confirm either way.

But after that, as far as iTunes and syncing content, you can easily get the app you need and tweak it out to never need iTunes again. Like I said, I do not have it installed on any computer I own anymore.

Now, I would like to be able to set default apps other that the included ones, that bugs me. I'll have to check Cydia more thoroughly. Someone must have done this by now or at least be working on it.
Apple steals ideas again and apple users don't care.....
I've seen articles suggesting your that with your non-A5 processors not supporting all iOS 6 features, you're enjoying the "fragmentation" feature we've enjoyed for all of this time.  You appear to care about that one.
+Randy Hoopes Google worked with Motorola on the Droid and Samsung on the Galaxy Nexus, the two android phones I've owned.  The Droid was buggy but a great introduction, the Nexus is just awesome.

+Ian Bruce Just joking, but you know that's the stereotype
I've got one word for you Apple:  Widgets.
Also waiting for months after months for updated with Google where apple devices get them all at the same time, immediately! Biggest complaint about the way Google and Android phones work.
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
Iphone sucks!!!!!!
+Randy Hoopes 
iOS maps only has turn by turn for vehicles, no walking, public transportation, etc.. Google Maps does
iOS maps only works on the newest models so if your not running the  iPhone 4S you need to buy a new phone... Google Maps runs on Android phones that are years old
Yeah, I can see how iOS maps is better the Google maps by the less iOS maps offers....
+Randy Hoopes like the. Way apple stole pull down notifications and made them better? No wait they stole it and gimped it..
You don't care your OS and HW is a company spending it's money on catching up? It's a matter of principle. Android is ahead of Apple, and has been so for quite some time now. And it really looks like that's not going to change. Ever. And Android is only getting more awesome and further ahead with things like +Project Glass and +Google TV and +Google Chrome merge more and more with +Android. Not to mention Android is open, so it's open to anything that comes along and wants to integrate with Android. (Facebook integration i.e.)
To me, iOS is too much in the control of Apple. Amd when I ay it has x and y features before Apple, I tell them why as well. Because it's not as simple as "Android does it first" or the other way around. the two concepts are very different.
About Article
Apple iOS User: "So True!"
Android User: "So Not True"

+Randy Hoopes 3D maps isn't going to help you more than street view or accurate date or legible maps or an online component or an offline mode or transit info or a number of other features its missing. The only thing I've seen about Apple Maps is "its pretty" with no explanation of what's actually better. I posted a comparison of a location on both side by side earlier and it was no contest. Looking at the Apple version you'd think you were out in the country while the Google version clearly shows the density of streets and features in the area. Now Apple users can claim they don't care but anybody with sense can see the fanboyism in that.
Cnet is paid by every review is about apple
Sorry but the only reason Android users "care" is because its hilarious to watch the the "most advanced mobile OS" amount to a bunch of features that are old. Had Apple fans not trolled every possible article they could find about Android when it was first released there might not be so much laughing on the part of Android users now. So of course Apple users "don't care". That's what folks always say when the tables are turned on them. They want to pick up their ball and run home.
Android users care because iPhone users keep talking about how Android is just a copy of iPhone, yet it's iPhone that keeps borrowing features from Android.
Currently own iPhone 4s prefer my Samsung galaxy. iPhone works though. 
Apple's announcement reminded me of attending Amway conventions in the early 80's!

The unveiling of products already on the market for a premium price, is simply hilarious. And the response from those in the audience was 'mega-church-like.' Only members of a cult would follow such marketing!

When IOS gets into the Kool Aid business, its time to dip!
As an Android user, I say, I don't care about any new Apple product, or any iPhone. Because every time Apple release a over priced product that has some "new features" that has been used by many Android users for 3 to 4 years, I know the new iPhone is finally catching up to where Android was 4 years ago. All I can say is, does it make sense to pay more to get old features! The worst thing is, Apple user would claim that they have something "cool", which just make me laugh out so hard that I spill my coffee.
There is a big difference between Apple fans, and apple users.
Fanboys may claim they don't care (when reality is they did, otherwise they wouldn't have been so exciting about getting an new[old] feature)... but the common regular Apple user does find it highly annoying, seeing his/her Android-using friends having something like Google navigation, file downloading, integrated text-to-speech, and many other features, built into their device, and realizing they themselves paid twice  for a phone that doesn't have such a feature. ...and finally, when a feature like this becomes "available", they have to buy a newer phone, because... well... remind me why???.

And.. that is not to mention that there are more Android users out there, which basically means that the article is about how it is only the "majority" who cares :)
I think all the Apple trolls/fanboys/fanatics and all the Android trolls/fanboys/fanatics should meet in a very large stadium or field and either knife-fight or thumb wrestle until an ultimate winner is declared and we get over this "there can be only one mobile OS/Phone" crap. Seriously. If Apple folks enjoy paying a premium for old tech let them, it's their money. If Android fans want the latest features that don't work so well for awhile let them. It's a free market. And to answer +Romeo Dapper you are probably right. CNET lost is objectivity years ago and just pimps for the OEMs now although they still put out a decent amount of info. you just have to filter it a bit.
funny thing is apple products are alot better then any android crap u will find
Yup, still bored. Can we talk about something else?
+Dave Bakker - and Apple and Microsoft copied Xerox Parc, true originality rarely happens, most success lies in refinement. But I essentially agree.
The reason Google doesn't sue Apple for "stealing" a feature in their phone is because by nature Android is open source, so anyone can use it just so long as Google gets a share of the money. As it stands, Google is making a huge profit off of iOS users so really Google can't lose unless you buy a Windows phone. That being said, Android is hand and fist better than iOS and to say otherwise is a lie to yourself. Not all Android phones are made equal, if you want an "applesque" experience on Android, buy a Google phone, that's how the OS was suppose to be experience and the video below example in great detail the advantages Android has over iOS. 

Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 1 of 5

It should be noted this is 1 video out of 5, continue to watch through them and he continues to divulge Androids superiority. 
Funny thing is you over pay for almost all Apple products even when they are fail. If you want to pay between 3-4K for a laptop let me know your address so I can have you committed. Android>Apple iOS6. And before you call me a fanboy for Android let it be known I'm writing this on an Apple 17" MacPro that I didn't pay full price for and it wasn't used.
Too bad Apple copied from Palm in the first place. Apple is not as innovative as they like to make their cult members, I mean fans, think. They have copied from Android too.
Oh yeah, Facebook has been integrated in Android for quite a while.
+Yonathan Mengsteab - I had a female friend that was a blackberry storm user and trying to decide between iPhone and android. I had her watch these videos which are surprisingly non-partisan. She chose android.
Thank you CNET for your honest saw an article by
+Stephen Lange I've been showing these videos to my friends that are looking to trade from a 2.2 Droid to a iPhone 4, obvious downgrade, when you can just get a better droid. I sincerely think that most people believe all Androids are the same. Not even remotely true. 
So if Apple fans don't care, why bother writing an article?
All I know is, if apple and android had to fight to the death... Android would kick the crap out of apple! (bruce lee would definitely use android)
Great post, never really thought about it from that perspective. It was good to read a smart, balanced article on the topic.
Cnet is known to be biased toward ios..... Ohh BTW people the word is biased not bias.
Dude all this apple had this before android crap needs to stop. Andy Ruben created android in 2003 and had these features before iOS existed. Just google when android was first developed. In reality apple has copied more off android and that's a fact.
By the way CNET, Android users don't really care as much as they find it ironic that Apple claims that these features are new and original.
And btw I think google should sue apple just to see how much lines of code apple stole because its closed source crapware
I have both an Android 2.3 and an iPhone 4. It is still strange on the things I can do on my now ancient Droid incredible that I cannot do on the iPhone
+Dave Bakker agreed but there has to be differentiation somewhere and honestly although I really like Android, Apple's implementation is better.
Xbox is better. Hahaha but i prefer Android. Which is what i have.
play station 2 baby 
In protest i will not update the os on my wives iPhone. Lol. All iPhone users are tech paralyzed.
Why can't you formulas
Download torrents on iPhone. Also there is no mp3 download app. Boo
It is worth noting that Android fans only began perform step 2 when Apple fans starting doing the "We're better cos we can afford this" ritual and started proclaiming that their iDevice has all these "new" functions.

As it were, there the worst kind of Android/iOS fan is one to whom technology means nothing if it simply helps boost self-portrayal. Tech is tech. Brands are brands. MultiTouch wasn't invented by Apple and GPS wasn't invented by Google. 

Congrats to Apple for their new showing, but it isn't really much that is new, just simply improved.
It's like I've constantly stated before: Out-dated products, for a higher price - that's Apple's philosophy. I mean really 2GB RAM is still the min. in their new computers? Now-a-days its 4GB min standard. - My fave is when an Apple-fanboy is like OMG I can do this, and I say yeah Android has had that for a while now. They are so disappointed.
This is because android started when a developer left apple, in the baby stages he figured he'd take some apple as android does best, makes it very non satisfying, never aesthetic. 
Do you known how had it is to watch a video on that small ass iPhone screen !!
Two iPhones walk into a bar..... I forget the rest. Maybe its because I'm filled with nonsense and can't multitask very well- siri
What ever the OS & the manufacturer, the latest smartphone will be obsolete within a few years! I think we should be grateful for the technological advances that we currently enjoy whenever they come out & whoever markets them :-D Give it a half century & we'll be beaming each other up.. "Scotty" :-P
I'm an Android user, and I don't care. And, I don't care if you don't care that I don't care.
+Scott Jordan bro, rooting and jailbreaking isnt the same. Apple needs jailbreaking to install free apps, whilst android users can install free apps without rooting, rooting is only used by developers and avid android fanatics like me:) iphone still wins cuz it came out first before i even heard of android.
The writer is confused as to why Android users are frustrated, Apple claims "innovative and industry changing" yada yada as if they came up with the new features. That's why we say we've had it for years. This guy needs to get a clue.
If you don't think Apple cares, then you're mistaken. They are out to destroy everything good about innovation. Their lawyers are bunch of jackasses that likes to destroy innovation. They patent stuff that they don't invent just because they could, and then suit anybody that actually have the ability to make it into a prototype or anything real. See, they patent a vague idea that as general as possible and then suit people for actually getting it to work. 

The Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X, are both 10x better than any iphone, what do Apple jackass lawyers do, they file an injunction for those phantom patent that they claimed, so consumer at the end suffers, because they are deprived of a far more superior product, for bogus claims of patent violation. So many Android users that would love to get their hands on a new HTC One X would get delayed. 

Guess why Android user hates apple so much! 

It's not about the product, but more about the principle!

You have the freedom and you should have the freedom to do whatever you like on your phone. Apple doesn't think so. They fight very hard to keep everybody to use what they think you should use the phone. 

Give you a simple example, if I want to add a mp3 song. In Android, all I got to do is copy it over to the SD card's storage. In Apple, you have to use iTune to add it to my library, then sync it over the iPod or iPhone. It's only convenient if you use i-Tune to buy the song, that means Apple is getting a big cut. If I buy the song from Amazon, I'm screwed, I have to add that to iTune, and then sync everything to my phone or iPod. 

Not to mention the economy of it: same song costs 99 cents in amazon, costs $2 on iTune. Are they seriously thinking people are stupid? That I want to tight all of my songs with iTune.

You Apple users are fattening the wallet of Apple, so they could keep all the jackass lawyers out there trying to choke the life out of innovation, and prevent people from getting superior product.

After extensively playing with both iPad2 and the Samsung Galaxy tablet for a long time. I finally realized why Apple is trying desperately to prevent Samsung tablet from hitting the market. Simply put, Samsung tablet is simply much better product than the iPad2 is. Essentially, you're paying $300 more for a inferior product that only do half the Samsung tablet does.
It's only one announcement. It's really not that big of a deal. Sure, if it wasn't presented with the outright charisma of the late Steve Jobs, it might not look the same as previous Apple announcements. I expect that the company will further adjust to the circumstances. RIP Steve Jobs - his legacy, however, lives on.
Im an  android user and I dont care that you dont care so thereLOL
Android is huge and better than all the os
If anybody hates lawyers for frivolous lawsuits, and think we has become too litigious; anybody loves freedom and doesn't want to be limited; anybody values innovation and likes consumer benefit from competition. 

It's very simple, don't buy Apple product. The over priced you paid for Apple product, guess where your money is going? To the big pocket of fat lawyers. To choke innovation and take away people's freedom to choose. 
Apple was invented my Steve jobs. And the very first pc was an apple. It was created by Steve jobs and Steve wazniack. For all you smartass bitches who think you know everything cause you have an android. And apple made the first touch screen phone. The iPhone. And it's been around for years. And bill gates always tried to steal Steve jobs ideas. And he did sometimes. Look it up. It's the age old story of how bill saw it and stole it and took it to IBM. And you android users are so freakin oblivious to everything. U don't even know what a real phone is. So stop dissing apple and Steve jobs. Because youre just a bunch of clueless morons who have phones tht true to copy iPhones. This post is mainly for Jason huang. Who thinks he knows everything. But he doesn't cause he's a retard. Thank you. 
Apple was invented my Steve jobs. And the very first pc was an apple. It was created by Steve jobs and Steve wazniack. For all you smartass bitches who think you know everything cause you have an android. And apple made the first touch screen phone. The iPhone. And it's been around for years. And bill gates always tried to steal Steve jobs ideas. And he did sometimes. Look it up. It's the age old story of how bill saw it and stole it and took it to IBM. And you android users are so freakin oblivious to everything. U don't even know what a real phone is. So stop dissing apple and Steve jobs. Because youre just a bunch of clueless morons who have phones tht true to copy iPhones. This post is mainly for Jason huang. Who thinks he knows everything. But he doesn't cause he's a retard. Thank you. 
I'll give a damn when I FINALLY get ICS on my 1st gen Galaxy Tab 10.1
Josh B
Hmmmm don't know if this was mentioned before but has anyone forgotten the apple fanboys raging about android getting instagram?
+Grant David Don't you mean Apple was invented BY Steve Jobs? or was that YOUR Steve Jobs? Are you sure that the very first PC was an Apple? I think a lot of people would disagree with you, as the Altair was out years before the Apple..

Of those that'd be pissed with you or disagree, I'd imagine that Steve WOZNIAK whose name you cant even spell would be pretty pissed....

people who buy an Apple product and suddenly become tech authorities sicken me... it wouldn't be so bad if they were at least informed and semi literate, but they seem to be a very vocal and largely ignorant bunch..... Vent over.. that's better
Apple is going to be stuck playing catch up again after android 5.0/jellybean-whatever gets released at the end of the year. I just know Google will have added many more new features and capabilities to Android.
The problem is that android did have all the features first but but we won't go after apple and sue we will just make android better and watch sue cause they can't keep up.....
@CNET Well, you know... It's kind of funny that Apple are claiming that IOS is 'the most advanced mobile operating system'  when it isn't.
The Android community is simply laughing out loud. That's cool if Iphone users don't care - I know I don't care that they don't care! I'll still be laughing though. :P
I think the only reason it bothers Android users is that when Apple steals from Android, "No one cares", but when Android steals from Apple, it's, "please sign this summons, Sergei".
These comments just keep spiraling farther and farther down the hole +CNET wanted you to go down. I can't get enough of the angst from both sides over the phone in their pocket. Entertaining and eye opening to say the least. Depending on who you believe here we are all idiots.
The only thing that android Mau have copied was a lock screen the rest started with android google maps as an example
+Dave Bakker Android is an mobile operating system. iOS is a mobile operating system. Mobile operating systems have been in existence LONG before iOS was even introduced. Android was also in existence before that too. iOS is merely its own unique operating system, along with Android. People are just making an issue out of it because each of them have their pros and cons. Look at BlackBerry OS for example LOL. It existed before any I believe.
Look Patrick. Like it or not, the very first personal computer was an apple macintosh. The end. You piss me off with your little android speeches about how bad apple is. It definately the higher end in everything. You can't be partial in judging. I used to have an Eco and it sucked balls. So I got an iPhone 4s. Which absoulutely blows the screen off any droid/android phone ever. I also own every single apple product ever made. Including the apple newton. Which you've never heard of before obviously. It was the very first touch screen device ever. It's was pretty much a palm pilot except it came out YEARS before palm. Look it up. You can't just want something to be true cause you don't like apple for some reason and pretend like it is true. Thts. Not how the real world works. Have fun with your cheap, shitty phone bro. 
The sheep who wrote this cared enough to. It's all too funny when you fail at your own argument though. Keep up the good work CNET. Maybe when Jelly Bean comes out soon you guys will know what iOS7 will get. I love it how the iFans think Apple invented the touch screen smartphone. Just look up LG Prada. I used an iPhone for 3 years and it was ok, but for me at least Android is way better. For fan boys who call Android cheap might like to go look at prices of high end Android phones.
+Ru Ramjee it sure as shit works better on iOS than it does Android! The most innovative thing Android was good for was changing the launchers, which in my opinion is dead ass cool however, the widget thing is so over blown! And y does it seem like the more you use an Android phone the more it starts to eventually slow down. I've owned the 1x on AT&T and the GS2 on T-Mobile and both have done that, so ultimately I seem to go back to my boring, always on time and there when I need it iPhone.
+Grant David If you check your computing history you will see that Long LOOONG before the mac (which was a revolutionary piece of hardware and software), you'll see that The Programma 101, released in 1965, was the first commercial "desktop computer", even if by todays standards it would probably usually be considered a programmable calculator. before the Mac there was machines from Commodore, Altair, Atari, and a multitude of other personal computer markers.

If you don't like what I am saying then un-circle me (trust you'll be doing me a huge favor). Ignorant uninformed rants like the above probably does more harm than good to Apples brand than anything else I can think of, so by all means please keep replying. 

I dont dislike Apple, I do however dislike some aspects of Apple.  I dont recall making Android speeches (and just what a mobile OS like Android has to do with PCs/Macs merely highlights the extent of your unfortunate ignorance) but whatever spins your wheels. Don't choke on the Apple kool-aid as you're drinking. 

See guys? I think this sums up why android users get frustrated! Ha. Priceless +Grant David
Who's the fuck wrote this article ? U are Apple shit ! I read ur article on my iPhone ! I use apple product too! But I hate what u said! It was like u get paid by Apple! Shut the fuck Up !
Apple- $$$, Android - freedom for everyone rolf
"You cant be partial in judging." Well you, sir, are a hypocrite.
And what the hell is an "Eco?"
I think Apple makes good hardware but their software is like giving someone a car and telling them they cant ever do anything to it except drive it, unless its an approved modification from the dealer, done by the dealer, even if the car is seriously outdated and was built in 1985. Remember when iPhones couldn't record video and send MMS? My Samsung flip phone from 2003 could do that, and more.
I like having the freedom of being able to change and modify the things I own, (putting on a case and changing your background DO NOT count as customization) and android fulfills that. I have had 3 different iPhones and 2 different Android devices, and as far as the mobile OS goes i would pick Android over iOS any day. If i could load Ice Cream Sandwich on the next iPhone, that would be even better, that is, of course, if Apples engineers could pull their heads out of their asses and design a phone that doesn't look almost identical to the last one.
Apple steals Android ideas, Android devs gripe. Anyone steals Apple ideas, Apple tries to sue then into oblivion.

Someone needs a taste of their own medicine.
Rob Go
I'll be glad when the Apple Android wars go the way of the cola wars.
I like apple, android and blackberry! But I care! 
I don't think anyone really cares but Android users are tired of getting slack for things like how it sucks and blah blah but when Apple finally allows their device to do something other platforms have been doing for a while it seems they invented it suddenly which rubs some the wrong way but on the end get what works for you and let's push for innovation
And I'm sure they'd be yelling the same things if it were the other wah around. Nice way to kiss ass to Apple CNET even though most people use Android nowadays.
Loool Android will always be better than apple.
That's very simple to understand.. try telling a snob your shirt doesn't look good? Reply would be .. I don't care..
Apple users sure seem to care when they think they have a feature android users are waiting on. Most of the time im not even aware that ios was so lacking until they announce that the missing feature will be added soon. 
I have nothing but respect for anyone's choice of of phone. However, I wish people would stop saying, "I had an Android... (something negative.)" Say what phone make and model you had! Chances are you picked a crap phone and had a crappy experience with it. Can't compare Froyo and GB to the latest version of iOS. Get an ICS phone like the Galaxy Nexus, One X, or SG3! You'll quickly see they match or exceed the iPhone on many levels! The gap between OS's is virtually nonexistent now!
Google = Freedom. If the developers haven't come up with it yet, they have the freedom to do so. Open-source, FTW!
I find it funny when someone comments about how pissed off they get when Apple sues someone. Oh, is Apple hurting your feelings when they sue a company? Please tell me how we're "sheeple" for choosing to use iOS, just like you choose to use Android. 
Funny how when bragging rights lean in favor of anything against apple, they "don't care".  But if it favors them, then they scream "innovation".  Apple users are morons!
You know what's really funny iPhone people if you didn't know your are on google+, made google, brought to you by google, you know the maker of android. I know it probably doesn't mean much but Steve job was great bit you know if google just made one phone and took their products aways from apple and sued every time someone did something similar their wouldn't be much of a iPhone. And just to let you know I believe the IPAQ's was the first touch screen
I'm so tired of all the android/ios flame wars. Get over it, people. Some people like an os that you don't use. There are good reasons to use either, there are good reasons not to use iOS (trying to be balanced but can't honestly think of a good reason not to use android).
Just join the dark side android fans... We have cookies
Cause 90% on iOS users are mindless sheeps...MORONS..
I like Android... and I love Apple. <3 What more do you want?
Holy crap just be happy with the device you use. Show some class people.
Poor iOS fans, they just don't know what to do with their 23% market share. But hey, that's a damn nice screen, too bad Apple maps aren't detailed enough to take advantage of it.
At least I own my Android phone, I can write APPLICATIONS and PROGRAMMES for it without having to pay anyone any money!
It's too bad... The Iphone and apple in general, to some has become some sort of status symbol.  Apple is on a mission to take Google down...  Sorry crApple fans.... it's not gonna happen....
+Nathan Flamm I think Android users get annoyed because Google was trying to make an open platform. But all the companies Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc use patents to stifle innovation. Now Google has been forced to start buying up patent stores just to protect their OS.

Imagine how much farther along all phones would be today if engineers at these companies did not have to constantly worry about patenting every idea they have, or worrying about getting sued for putting a swipe to unlock button on the front screen.

It irks people when Apple sues companies for "stealing" obvious ideas like swipe to unlock, then has a press conference announcing all the great feature of iOS 6  90% of which they stole from other phones or their own app developers.

I have no problem with stealing ideas, I think it's what makes innovation in the past happen so quickly. Just concentrate on making better products and quit suing and making up retarded patents.
Apple now wants to improve what android already had since day zero. Thats the whole purpose. everytime apple releases a new version w/ some lousy features little by little so they can impress and manipulate the market that way people can look at apple like the best software ever made when it was already made
Android will be disappeared!
Android is the target for hacking!

What I find funny about android, is alot of what they came apple copyes from android, other phone companys like blackberry have been doing for years. Apple fans dont care, cause we enjoy a flawless IOS. Blackberry 10 will be the top OS.
This mobile debate will be around as long as we can place a phone up to our ears. Truth of the matter is both phones have great features and the end result on which is better comes down to personal preference.
I really wish people would research first. Symbian and windows CE were out long before the iphone was even thought of. Touchscreen media players were also out a long time before the ipod touch. There were a number of MP3 players out before the ipod. Apple did not invent the GUI that was actually Xerox. I could go on.. Yes apple do make some very good and very solid products but there is very little thats innovative. Apple just take other people's ideas and make a very solid and marketable product. With a bunch of smug bullshit and hype for those with the blinkers on. I find it funny how apple fans accuse android fans of all sorts and these are the nutters that queue up outside a shop overnight just to get a phone/tablet/PC "first". If thats what it takes to be an apple fanboy along with paying through the nose for everything I am happy to be different :)
I have seen a lot of stupid apple drivel but this takes the cake for brainwashed moronic "logic"..Lets pray we keep this kind of super late "innovation" out of the real IT world....
These Apple announcements are like Myspace saying they are adding a Like button.
I researched for over a year before I upgraded my blackberry. I weighed all available phones and when all the IT guys at work got the Samsung galaxy nexus I checked it out! Absolutely amazing!! I was hoping that a new iPhone would come out to compare it to but that is never happening so both my husband and I upgraded to the nexus! Couldn't be happier. I am a huge Google fan and the voice navigation is amazing. In fact, every feature of this phone is great! So glad I went with this phone!!!!
I have to agree with +Christopher Boxley , when Cricket and other pay as you go services adopted android, I wondered what devices they were offering and how well they would work. {Boost Mobil Cracka-lacka-shing} I don't think apple is in that market yet?
My son received an e-reader for his birthday loaded with android. I'm guessing $35 to 40 dollars. It isn't anything special. But it works. I wouldn't try and install Netflix on it but android gives me the option to update it with a ROM or create my own. To each his own.
Well, people have a choice, let them decide!
Well for being constantly called cheap and owning an inferior phone. I find it hilarious that isheeps are surprised that Android fans are laughing at them with their up coming IOS6. Welcome to 2010 isheeps. Hopefully you get a screen bigger than 4 inch in your up coming   Iphone 5 LMAO!!

+Scott Jordan Lol! No definitively not normal apple fans like you. isheeps is reserved for those crazed apple fans. Droids for the crazy android fans. 

As you said. They are just frigging phones.    
+John Roepke well said sir, the amount of Apple bias on web blogs,podcasts e.t.c is alarming. Apple is the company that can do no wrong, copies nobody and all they do is awesome and Google is the company that copies all innovation. sounds like we all have been somehow brainwashed. Heck people were cheering at the merging of search and address bar in the upcoming update for safari. 
They don't care because the majority of the iPhone users don't know how to even use the basic features...
I agree. It's pretty easy for the Android development community to implement "more" features, seeing as how they learned the basic touch-screen mobile-device interaction model from Apple.  Steve Jobs and his crew did the groundwork; let's be glad that Google could think of SOMETHING additional!
6666(devil) sign....go ahead clicks on it.....
Then better let's be glad that most of android users know better how to use their phone than iPhone users, which I've seen a lot, iOs, may be older, better, mature and whatever, but apple had to ruin it all with their all-mighty iTunes, forcing you to one-PC sync, sure are other ways, but most of the people who dwell in technology won't choose iPhone as a fist option
Ray Du
To be honest, Android does have all the new features added on iOS 6, but generally Apple does whatever it sets out to do better(not including multitasking and notifications of course).
I mostly hear is hater comments about iPhone; I personally got it because of it's aesthetics. I love glass, aluminum, clean lines and music. Would I have gotten an android if it was just as appealing, yes. Secondary, was its applications; they are adequate for my personal and work use. It is what it is...a phone. I have a desktop for gaming, graphics, etc. Does it really matter that much to anyone that we have choices and we all use our devices for our individual needs? Would I also be told I'm sheep for what I drive, what I wear, etc? Honestly, opinions are opinions and everyone is entitled to them. Well, it's apparent that society will find subcultures to belong to and then stereotype what we all are, so seemingly I'm a douche bag, Fahrvergnügen, iFan, PC, gaming-healer, etc. Did I miss anything?...
This is one of those articles that no one should care about. Good trolling anyway and it's always fun to see that people take it so seriously :D
Apple fans: Nahuh blah blah i can't hear you, Apple invented everything, they even invented slide to unlock. Yup all those latches for the last thousand years are impinging on Apple's patents.
It is about being inclusive or exclusive. Google allows anyone to access their services. But I am not holding my breath for an Android Apple maps app. Imagine if Google would Stonewall Apple back in the same way. No Gmail, YouTube, maps or even search.
Oh.. so android been having this turn-by-turn navigation since like forever? Tell me more about how it is yet to be supported on most countries other than US?
actually, andriod users dont care either, as they are more into seeing what other features are coming up day by day, Apple is just an expert show stopper, and thats it....
Any real Android leader no longer debates with apple followers. This recent year debute of devices like the HTC one x(better yet the evo 4g lte), Droid RAZR maxx, gnexus, sg3 clearly shows that Android innovation is leaps and bounds ahead of Apple. Granted, I respect their obvious contribution to mobile tech,marketing prowess and standing behind their product, but we Androdians are in a different stratosphere.

I can't wait for them to unveil the ip5 and claim that they have perfected 4g and nfc. Their sales tactics are truly laughable. But as always the droned masses will buy into the hype and continue to make apple more powerful than some nations on the planet.
Marketing strategy. That's one of the thing what Apple good at. Period
I'm team +Android I'm sick of apple products, the interface never change...
PSAJ I will add that as many have said this is really a first world debate. Be happy with the tech you have. Be grateful that we can enjoy it when billions can't. Now back to the regularly scheduled hate fest...
Whatever Apple gives is accepted by Apple Users. They are that novice. That's why they use Apple devices.
I don't shout at iphone users; I laugh at them.
Darn. Another Apple-logist article.
I just want choice. Competition is good for the consumer and it seems the media, both television and tech blogs, are biased towards Apple.

Why did local and national news media run whole news segments covering rumors about the iPad 3 when MWC is happening at the same time where real products are being introduced and they don't even mention the event?

Why does The Verge have a feature about what their people carry in their bags that shows every one of them carries an iPhone and a Mac? How can you be objective if nobody on staff regularly uses anything else?

Why does CNET regularly publish crap like this article?

Why, if they're making the best product, and they have more money in the bank than anybody on the planet, is Apple trying to litigate Android out of existence?

Love your Apple products, I just want parity and choice.
Apple, magic QUARTER tricks are for kids please don't treat me like one.
And, I don't understand why anyone but me cares about what phone I use. ???????
As an Android user, yes I have made this argument. BUT it's not because Apple copied the idea, it's because Apple's Fans go on about the features as if Apple came up with them.
Everyone is forgetting one thing ios was made at apple android was purchased by google to play catch up. Most u apple haters r just mad cuz u had razrs n were the hipsters until iphones came out.
I don't know both of them are operative systems, they have to upgrade, at the end the one that is going feel good about it is the user of each OS. That's what we are really looking for, having a better experience with the hardware we already own.
just hoping that they do not claim any of the features to be theirs, Apple is found of claim things that has been in existence, change the name and later file a patent infringement.
The fallacy in the statement that "the consumers benefit in the end" is that Apple doesn't want competition. They've been so focused on trying to sue everyone, for the most trivial things, that they have forgotten what it is to be innovative. Instead, apple seems to be content on being the next Microsoft, and is much more focused on building a monopoly by keeping others locked down in litigation.
+Lewis Davidson IOS made at apple?  You would be mighty mistaken if you believe Apple created that OS from scratch.  More like they borrowed heavily for the open source world
+CNET "Apple fans: We don't care!"  Really? Then how come in the last year I've seen more than 10 of my friends and family change to Android? And let me tell you, I was a big Apple fan (had an iPhone 4 and still own a 27" iMac) and the reason I started to be curious about Android is precisely because all the things Android fans said. So yeah, I cared because I'm not a sheep and I have a brain.  I'm sure a lot of the Android users have similar stories to tell. Suck on that Kent.
I am an Android user, and I really do not care if Android had it first or if Apple did. Sooner or later, features on mobile operating systems will converge. With each one catching up where they are behind. Competition is good, and having choices even better. Good for the consumer.
+John Brogan "These Apple announcements are like Myspace saying they are adding a Like button."
Brilliant!!! Perfectly succinct. 
Apple probably spends more money on lawsuits than R&D.  Hence, Cnet's premise for this post is nonsense.  People and Apple user's should care that iOS6 is two years behind Android.
You realize the Android user base is larger than most countries? So you are saying a good portion of the world cares?
+Kara Haack There are good Android phones and bad ones.  Anyone I know with a good one, loves it, prefers it easily over an iPhone.  Anyone with Android 4.0 generally loves it.  Samsung Galaxy phones, for instance, smoke the iPhone any day of the week.
All android phones are good. People have misplaced expectation of devices.  Android gives consumers lots of choices. I've already ordered two nexus tablet, and I will buy the 99dollar vizio google tv. 
Don't feed the patent trolls.

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