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This week on Rumor Has It (and Emily Dreyfuss' last show!): Time to preorder your Apple iWatch?
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rumor has it: time to other smart-watch makers to prep their lawyers for patent wars?
Oh God. Who will they be suing next ? Patek Philippe and claim that they invented the watch - all while coming out with the lousiest product on the market (and claim it to be the best)... .ENOUGH !
Since it's "time to preorder", surely they included the link to where everyone can pre order, right?

Wait... It is possible to preorder, right? Right?

O yea, they are just hyping up a nonexistent Apple product and suggesting we preorder something that is not preorder-able! 
I'll pass . my casio is working just fine. plus I dont have to worry about banging it up . 
So how much does Apple pay for these propagandistic articles?
But, but don't you all get it? Apple has innovated time! (/s) 
At least we won't get any flame bait articles asking if it's an iPhone killer.  CNet practically lives off of those cliche articles.
This is a waste of time. Pebble already did it, Sony did it but not quite as well before them. 
Will it also have an alarm that doesn't work?
Never seen Emily Dreyfuss before.

Wowzers. Nice cans.
Way to hype people to read a article with no actual capability to pre-order on something that doesn't exist yet.

Looks like someone just wants hits on their site...
F.... now they are stealing samsungs inovation, looks like they want to return the money back they got from samsung last year..
Where is Emily Dreyfuss going?  Why is she leaving CNET?  What is she going to do?  Anyone know?
No way! How stupid someone would have to be to buy another piece of icrap.
ISheeple will line up to buy more iCrap. Wanna bet?
Otra vez transparente??!! Que fijación tienen con ello según el iphone 5 iba a ser asi.... Ya.. no? 
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