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We've just announced Canonical's elegant Ubuntu Touch OS as the best product of Mobile World Congress 2013:
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I'm a long time user of tne ubuntu OS, I am really exited to try the new tablet and fone OS,

How do I know if you didn't include a mobile OS that dish may have announced at mwc that was better ? 
I think we have enough OSes.. we'd rather find a solution how we can link them up than split more users into different OSes
An incomplete, nonfunctional "OS" using an open source project, that remarkably is complete and functional, as it's core is the best? Was the show that bad really?
I hope ubuntu phone and firefox os will be around so that competition can drive innovation and make the linux kernel the best it can be.  
Also, the phones that use firefox os should work for ubuntu phone  also.  I'm so happy firefox os is getting so much attention.  Its a win for open source mobile.
But selfish looked cool even can run android apps. And looks like bb10. It really looks intuitive. And is also gesture based. Also running on android phones. 
I didn't know sailfish ran android apps.  That could switch me.  I don't understand why canonical doesn't allow android app support in their product line.  Even windows and Mac have bluestacks.  
Because it's a crutch. It's relying on development in and of a competitor's ecosystem.
What incentive would a developer have to write a native app when emulation is available? Without native apps a free OS can't generate revenue.
I can think of a lot of reasons why this would benefit ubuntu phone.  It would entice more people used to the android platform to try yours.  It would also give people a reason to go from a more popular platform they used before to another.  Old linux interfaces used the start menu from windows for years and still complain when distros take it away.  Bluestacks allows windows users to play android apps but Bluestacks doesn't seem to threaten mac or windows platforms.  It just gives them a reason to go back to windows and mac to use their android apps.  Many apps on android are free but the free apps keep people going back until they do buy something.  There's nothing stopping Ubuntu from selling their apps on the android store.  Getting people more of a reason to try your free platform and use it gives your platform a chance to sell something.
Wow!  That's saying a lot!  Oh, wait... It's CNET...
+Brian Perry it does and for the moment being they will use android apps until they replace it by their own native apps. I can see myself testing it. A sailfish os with all the popular apps in it. ( reason why I didn't got WP8 yet) so that's a kick starter for sailfish compared to Firefox and ubuntu
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