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Is Android destined to rule the smart phone world, or will Windows Phone triumph eventually?
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Every empire is doomed to fall. How long can companies produce Android phones at a loss? It doesn't make sense.
+Nino Novak you do know this phone is being takes about is over $10000 US right?
Besides this particular phone what makes you think manufacturers are producing Android phones at a loss?
The Android OS is free and the manufacturers are not paying a single coin for it so don't speak shit 
I don't see how come Windows phone can win, they'd tried and failed before.
Between Android and Windows Phone, Android all the way. Even with fragmentation issues and security questions, Android is the clear winner. But I don't think it is a technology issue because, quite frankly, all smartphones do the same things. The difference is the corporate culture. Google is large but nimble, while Microsoft is very methodical and slow. Google will take more chances and subsequently make more mistakes, but ultimately get it right. Microsoft will R&D the heck out of it and make less mistakes (theoretically) but have a more polished product at the end. Unfortunately, smartphone consumers want fast performance and updates and with that, Microsoft is doomed to failure in this arena.
I'll say it again, I really want an Android phone with the old build quality and camera quality of a Nokia handset.

I'm getting to the point where I don't even want Windows on my computer anymore, never mind in my pocket. 
Want nokia quality buy a samsung, most durable phones in my opinion 
I work for a mobile phone company and Lumia phones get a little interest but then the customer decides they want either iphone of galaxy s3.

On another note, all my machines at home use linux (and a few of my friends too), I've noticed also that more and more customers are becoming aware of Linux too and because of this they are not tied to windows anymore.  Since a lot of them spend time in the web browsers, they are willing to try apps on the phones as well as Chrome/OS/Book/Box.  This is something Ive been looking into also.
+Nino Novak what does article prove to you? It doesn't say android manufacturers are losing money. It says Apple and Samsung are making the most profit while companies, that have made questionable choices, are declining. Nokia and RIM which is mentioned in the article don't even make android devices.
Got to be honest. I think I would prefer the new blackberries to succeed over windows phone. 
I tried several Whondows 8/Phone devices - they are awful, so many drawbacks, problems with stability.
I'm still iffy on Android for Smartphones...but I can't fathom iOS on a tablet.  I went Android on my first tablet and I would not choose any other OS at this point.
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