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The Epiphany One Puck project on Kickstarter is looking to charge up your phone by harnessing the power of hot and cold drinks:
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my beer doesn't last long enough to charge that
So just when you thought every possible use of a cold beer has been tried, tested, proven and documented, something new comes along.. Brilliant! This leads me to invent 'the Resist the Buzz' drinking game. Rules: In a social gathering, the first to pick up their buzzing phone to deal with a call, E-Mail, text, Facebook / G+ etc update, is to immediately down their beer in one, and buy the next round!
Winner is whomever can 'Resist the Buzz' the longest... ha ha ha
I wouldn't keep my smart phone too close to liquids...Murphy's law.
And after your phone is charged you can drunk-dial all your friends!!!
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