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Are you holding out for the Galaxy S4, or has another smart phone caught your eye?
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Holding out for the S4, but I'm keeping an eyes open for anything interesting that turns up in the mean time.
I love my Amaze (Android) and iPhone but I am hoping Ubuntu phone lives up to the potential.
Tim Box
Just got a N4 so unless the Nexus X is really special I'm going to miss a cycle.
I'm sticking with my iPhone 5. My next phone will be an iPhone again.
Already spent my bucks on Galaxy Note 2 .  ohhh  What a phone it is
+Lashawn Mcmanus Can you imagine if the X phone smashes conventional price standards like the Nexus 4 did?

With the kind of specs that have been rumored, and a price point that makes contract subsidy reliant manufacturers spit (cocaine?) take Google and Motorola could become as gods.
might have a butchers hook at the Z10,definatley waiting for +Ubuntu  mobile come October!
Waiting for the X phone. 
Provided Google X phone isn't going after the bottom of the market, I might get that. If all fails, it will be a Nexus device.
+Petr Faitl Word on the street is that it's going to be a supercar super phone.
My nexus 4 rocks but yess im holding 
X Phone or S4. I'd love another Nexus, but that's going to require me dropping Big Red and my unlimited data. Ideally, I'd get a new Nexus on Google's wireless service but that's all speculation right now.
I'm holding, but just barely.
I'm torn between the Galaxy S4 and the Droid DNA.
+Jake Hennett I am jealous, we can't get the DNA in Europe. Oh well, I want my next smart phone to be the Ubuntu one anyway. Projected for 2014 from what I've heard (and maybe there's a little bit of wishful thinking/beileving what I want to believe in there too)
+Lashawn Mcmanus do you think Google will give it first to Samsung? X Phone will be Android 5.0 and Samsung update S4 on 2014.
Cannot wait to get it. Though the announcement will be in March - dont think it will start rolling out in the U.S. till probably May or so
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