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That greatly depends on the tablet.  I don't particularly like playing traditional games on a touchscreen only device, so they would have to figure out a solution to that.
If you can transfer game saves and DLCs like the Vita, I might consider it. Otherwise no. I mostly use my 360 for Kinect any way. 
i would buy a gaming tablet if it was 7" and i could use it as a second monitor for windows 8 when im in a different room in the house...
I want one device.  That does everything.
I've come to the conclusion that tablets aren't for serious gaming. Input via touchscreen is really limited compared to a mouse/keyboard setup.
Touchscreens excel at newer types of touch-enabled mini games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, but that market is already claimed.
Yes, if it has gaming controls built in or physically attachable.
using bluetooth controller or something, i could see it happening.

Although i think Apple is in a better position for that, using an Apple TV and an iPad you can basically already do it. Add a controller and there you go!
With extremely few exceptions, as a general rule, I never buy anything from Microsoft.
As long as I can play my purchased XBLA games on it? Hell yeah I would!
i agree with some of you here. it would need to have a set of controls on the body or bluetooth capable. the screen could be touch, but mostly for naving the options and selecting games.... hell maybe even setting waypoints on in-game maps.
If i was able to put my actual game disc in the Tablet and hook up my controller to it wirlessly then yes i would...
Yes. If they get it right it could be a great way for them to get into the tablet market.
They would screw it up and takes forever to release it. Day late and a dollar short as always. 
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