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Yes, despite my employers wishes ;-)
We are slowly making the transition in our personal life and it is becoming more convenient and less cluttered
It has become apparent that clutter will always be there. It is not so much a matter of paper, but a matter of personal organization. We need to become disciplined in organizing ourselves, so that our document retrieval is easy.

All that will happen, in the absence of that, is that the clutter will simply become digital.
I stopped reading comics back in the mid-1990s. Part of the reason was all the comic book boxes. I started reading comics again when I bought my Android tablet and got the Comixology app -- so even if I run out of physical memory I can store them on their cloud storage.
This is nice until the cloud crashes. And yes, my computer or some vital program has died on occasion. Luckily, after much work I was able to retrieve things, but some of the older stuff I gave up on, luckily I had paper copies so I could so.
I will continued to print out just enough, so that I can reconstruct from paper if need be, because fools keep things from being foolproof.

Trying too as much as I can
All for it but the companies save a great amount of money, they should Pass in on to the consumes of employee, they stand to gain more than the every day person
I have absolutely gone paperless... I no longer get inter-office memos. I now get emails,which I print out in triplicate so that I have a hard copies... just in case.
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