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The Slate 7 marks HP's tablet comeback, featuring Android and a $169 price tag. Take a look: 
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I doubt the HP slate will be able to compete against fellow android tablets from Google and Samsung. If only HP could develop a promising OS! 
That's really cheap. Soon Android will be unstoppable on tablets too
Yeah, but HP is a hardware company, and hardly a services company like Google, which means this tablet is probably crap. The $150 Lenovo tablet is a prefect example of this. 
+Steven Stratton your comment confuses me Steven... webOS was a little young when they killed it but the hardware was solid with some unique innovations at the time. I would expect a pretty decent product. 
For me, HP has lost ALL credibiility in the tablet marketplace. They bought Palm and had a very high potential os, Web OS, then killed it. Now, they're coming out with an Android slate? Please. Go back to the side lines and sell some more printer cartridges.
Glad to see HP have the guts to keep trying - I would like to see them do well in the tablet market. 
Great, I'll be waiting for the clearance sale. 
I won't be surprised at all to see pretty good tablets going for $150.
The sweet spot remains at the $199 price point.. mentally, that's where we assume quality begins in tablets...and I agree with +Steven Stratton that the $150 Lenovo sucks. All the ones my store sells get returned. Even our display isn't working well. 
Surprising to see HP trying to piggyback off the Slate branding. The original HP Slate did not leave a good taste in my mouth. 
Only a dual core... No thanks. Nexus 7 rules the market
+Scott Kutcka The only reason the nexus 7 is as powerful of a device as it is and at the price that it's at is because Google doesn't need to profit from its device sales. It makes money off of its services. HP on the other hand is a hardware company, so for a $169 dollar tablet to be comparable to the N7 is illogical because HP would lose tons of money from the cost of decent hardware.

Amazon and Google are really the only companies that can get really away with it.
I don't mind paying $250 just make it a super table. 
HP is run by monkeys. The only tablet they come out with and it isn't even mediocre. Nexus 7 Hp slate. Hmmm!!! Not a very hard decision. Nexus 7 all day. 
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