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The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is now available for preorder. Will you be getting one?
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nice joke.

Oh wait this is serious? We were supposed to care? Really? Oh I'm sorry but I don't use Windows, anything, thanks.
lol @ "highly anticipated Windows Phone" ... too funny!
Lumia is a nice phone with quality hardware. I wish Nokia ditches Windows and goes Android :)
I tried an HTC phone and returned it in a day. The salesman said, "Yeah..Windows should give up making phones. they suck."
I'd really like to have one. The price is very good and the phone looks nice. And then I have a phone which goes with my Windows 8 computer :)
Oh man. Microsoft and Nokia are blitzing. It's not a monster phone, but it's oh-so-cheap.
Nah. I am kinda rooting for Windows 7/8 though. Competition is a good thing.
Not until it's available on Verizon. It's a great device but network is still more important.
Its weird I had an HTC HD7 and loved it. Switched to iPhone for my daily driver for the apps and have to say I prefer Windows Phone as just that a phone. I'll be picking up a Lumia 900 and just using my iPad for those few specific apps I can't live without.
As tempting as a single-core Windows Phone on the nation's least dependable network is, no.
If my HTC HD7S weren't still under a year old I would definitely get the 900. Love the look.
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