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I'm sure somebody in the netherworld will be happy to hear that the cult he created is taking over the fastest growing market in the world.
This is just terrible. Technology is suppose to make society better but I guess there's a cost to that.
How does this come up in a conversation.
Q: I want a ipad and iphone
A: I want a kidney... lets talk
What not to do to get the latest and greatest...or was it bad ideas gone bad?
I have been using my kidneys for more than 30 years and they still work well. I bet that boy's iphone can't last that long. This isn't a good deal.

But think about it, an iphone can give you pride, but kidneys can only give you urine, which you don't want.
Goes to show how over inflated the markets are in China. Think of the supply and demad economic principle. There are around a Billion people in China and most people have 2 kidneys sooo 3500 sure sounds like alot (Just saying) :)
if you're dumb enough to do that for a device that will be outdated in less than a year, good riddance.
Rohit G
thats an iBoy
This is just wrong. GET A JOB OR MAKE ONE!
Either that's great or just creepy.
This is real example of why I value opensource and the free availability of knowledge and information. This case made it to our device screen but how many more similar cases haven't!

And from a practical stand point, what app on what planet in this universe can replace a kidney, or any organ for that matter. I hope it was worth it. The day I start bartering my organs for some piece of technology, is the day I travel back in time and live with the cave men and dinosaurs.
Reminds me of a Monty Python skit from one of their films...
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