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Yahoo is launching its own browser. And surprise: it's good.
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Really? Another browser? I know choice is good, but don't we have enough already?
I like competition but I can't help but to feel that Yahoo is increasingly irrelevant, much like AOL was 12 years ago. Plus I like the integration that comes with using Chrome and other Google products.

I can't see this really appealing to anyone but Yahoo product users.
it will be refreshing to see Yahoo ship a unique and relevant product. I'm glad to see them trying new things.
Interesting idea. I'll probably try it in a few weeks or so. I hope it's standards-compliant.

+Michael Franzwa Is that sarcasm? Just wondering.
hey +Victor Yee. I was trying to be polite. I am glad that Yahoo is trying new things, but I doubt that this will be a winner.
Used it for a minute and quickly uninstalled it,useless. It actually was installed as a Chrome extension
Why is it available as a Chrome extension?
why wasn't this out years ago?
Yahoo had a winner with 360, and look how badly they mismanaged that.
Those that are late do not get fruit cup.
I was just thinking I needed another browser to load up, not!
Nice, but two browsers (Firefox and Chrome) is enough for me. I'll just a few months for Chrome to update to do the same thing.
Anyone read the terms of service? It probably tracks all your surfing activity.
this is very awesome
I don't think this is a good thing to do at this time for yahoo,try to do other things is better than Browser!
is yahoo back from the abyss???
Isn't this the name of a men's body spray deodorant?
Just silly. They will never be above irrelevant. The market is already taken.
Yahoo lost so many opportunities... They should start something new... The browser wars are being fought right now. It will have to be at least another ten years before these wars can be fought with new contenders. Opera was in the game long before Google... Google took the crown recently because of the trust they've gained through their search and other web products that made people go "Why Not?" to Chrome. (I've been using Chrome since v2 because IT'S BETTER)...

Yahoo has lost trust from staying stagnant... I actually closed my Yahoo! email address. It was a no-brainer. Even my Hotmail account has held on (amidst missing IMAP support) because MS has started innovating again). Thus, Yahoo!'s lack of trust causes me to look at their browser and go "Why?"
irish d
whatever happened to amazon's browser?
+irish d Last time I checked, Amazon's Silk Browser is only for their Amazon version of Android on their Kindle Fire. It's a great concept (remote processing of web data and forwarding compressed data to the browser leading to faster rendering in the user experience), but it's negligible on a high speed connection. Even using Wi-Fi on a Kindle Fire puts the browser [pretty much] on par with all other desktop browsers...
irish d
i remember when i had yahoo messenger, yahoo email, yahoo 360, yahoo groups... until i got fed up with how ugly they all are. even now yahoo mail and ym are ugly. makes me not want to give this new browser a chance.
+irish d Well, just did a little searching since seeing this article (why I enjoy G+) and it appears that Y! Axis is being marketed explicitly to those with Apple products. If you're one of these individuals, then you can try out Axis.

However, if you're like 90%+ of the U.S. then you can get an add-on and use the search functionality (Which mimics the Google Chrome "Instant" functionality). I would've given it a shot (even though I shot them down), but they aren't quite ready from prime-time in my opinion (Which is why they released on a platform with less users first, in my opinion).

And yes, Yahoo! didn't change their UI enough over the years to keep me engaged. There is much they didn't do, actually...
+Yahoo! They are an email company who can't even make an Android mail app that works properly and the last app they made has Adverts in it! What kinda big email company puts ads in their own mail app!?!
And you think I ll trust them to make a good browser?
Wow only 10 years to late. This is not going to save Yahoo no matter how good it is.
I can't see a future to yahoo, from the gold years to dust, they wake up late I think
Nice app, heavier on data... and we are entering a data capped world :( Don't see the point on the desktop, but CNET explained it is really more to keep things in sync with the mobile version. The other issue is the search results are not all that good.
Funny, I tried searching from Axis and on Yahoo''s own search page. The results are better on the Yahoo search page.
Great...they need to get Creative in their work flow
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