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Swamped with notifications? Here's how to disable them.
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It's funny, yesterday I made a post on how to turn them on and filter them to bypass your inbox since the vast majority of the frequent users are experiencing a glitch where we miss anything after the first page of notifications inside G+. Having a designated folder within Gmail is currently the best workaround for this problem, and you can reply to the posts without leaving the e-mail.
I usually end up with 25 emails a day just from G+, I didn't even think about turning it off. I just did though, didn't need the article to do it.
Why I should disable e-mail notification?
Since G+ has bug in its notification feature one should not disable email notification, I track +meantions via Gmail, can't loose single mention with gmail. 
Right now I don't have time to check old notifications, and by the time I get to them they will be history anyway.  So I'm just turning off the ones I really don't care about.  I can now write this comment without getting a zillion emails about every comment.  Freedom, sweet freedom...
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